So i had my BARB today

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sig_rob, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. got suggested Electronic Warfare Systems Operator, Installation Tech, SysEng Tech and Is Eng Tech. Think I'm set on ISEmg Tech but anyone got experience of these roles? Esp the EWSO since that's the one I know least about.
  2. IS Eng and Sys Eng Tech are amalgamating beginning next year - can't remember the new trade name though. Sys Eng Tech is alright as a job, but the amount of work we're allowed to do with the new kit coming in is minimal compared to the outgoing Clansman kit (never worked on Ptarmigan).
  3. Go here:

    Army Job Site

    and read the Royal Signals stuff.

    On second thoughts, don't bother!
  4. My favourite bit is the write-up for Tech Sup Spec
    It doesn't mention having to retrade in order to get promoted past Staffy. Excellent skills for the working in Telecoms and IT? That's funny.
  5. what score did you get?
  6. Do civvie companies need someone to stand around all day in a brown coat telling people that if they were meant to give things out they would work in Issues, not Stores too?
  7. 74, how about you. is the mark 'out of' something?
  8. Yes, 30000.

  9. Hey,

    I'm joing up in 7 weeks (Counting down so bad!). Going to ATR Lichfield. ISEng is what I chose.

    No one told me they were amalgamating it with another. Crazy how AFCOs miss big things out like that.

    I got 81 on my barb. Just read that article on BarbGenius saying he got like 63 or something!

    Anyway, yeah. 7 WEEKS!!!!!!!

    I'm a little excited about it. My brother is also in the Army, bout half way through his phase 2, Basic sounds like it's gonna be pretty damned hard but I just can't wait to go, the wait is so bad. Started the process before christmas (mid Dec) and it's the end of April before my Basic actually starts........
  10. ha i Started the process in Sept last year (maybe a little before) and ive got the end of July lol. Maybe see u around. Good luck
  11. Yeah the wait's a little crazy but it'll all be worth it. Basic's gonna be shit, but I can't wait anyway.
  12. Ive got my phase 1 at the beginning of june im going to Pirbright and i really cant wait at all it seems to be going too slowly til i go, im going in as a sys eng tech as well cant wait ive heard good things about the job so far but want to get more opinions. anyone want to voice any opinions?
  13. Don't think they would really change anything now if we offered them would they mate.....

    Well done on getting in (and that goes to all of you about to join the Corps) :D

    I have no doubt that you will enjoy your time with us and I wish you all the very best but FFS come in with an open mind and form your own opinions - don't be trawling for them on here. In the main you will get good advice but some of the more cynical and bitter site members will just wind you up and piss you off to the point of confusing you or causing you to doubt your original decision to join up.

    Best thing you can do now is read your reporting instructions, follow them to the letter, stay fit and focussed and when you arrive, do as you are told, when you are told.......and don't gob off.

    Other than that Phase 1 will be a piece of piss :wink:

    ....and once you pass off you can move onto the delights of the Three Choughs, Tiffs, the long shitty walk up Black Lane and the long shitty drive down to Bournemouth GU Clinic. :wink:
  14. E-Layer, not get a joe-le-waxi like the rest of us?!
  15. Nah mate - too expensive, I get the happy bus or take my car.

    You were on about the GU clinic I assume? :D