So, hows your day?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by IT_Guy, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. I seem to be in a particularly good mood this morning, I've reached the ripe old age of 40 without any major diseases or injuries.

    The kids (Little angels, not reached the teens yet) are playing happily in the garden, there's not a cloud to be seen and my tomato plants are doing well in the greenhouse.

    I've had a sunday morning shag and the wife has gone horse riding, when she returns she's promised me a home made steak and kidney pie for lunch with mash and peas.

    My dad will be wandering round later for a beer and a chat, I 've checked the emails and all is well in my little corner of the IT world.

    There's no chavs to be seen and I'm just waiting for midday to crack open a can.

    Not sure how life could possibly get any sweeter. :D's your day going?
  2. Does the missus know you had a shag whilst she was out? :D

  3. Should of had great but it is early
  4. Why not crack a beer already?!
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Well I've just lost 90 minutes of my life watching the biggest load of shoite I have seen in a long time, Team America.....
  6. The day started shite because I'm at work :x but I finish at two and its beer garden here I come :D just watch this tracer!
  7. just finished laying my patio sweating lika a rapist in a brothel,big fcuking hangover and i,m dying for a shite but apart from that things are fcuking grand! i feel a bottle of wife beater may pass these dry lips any second now. :D
  8. I'm hungover after going to a shite nightclub last night but I'm off to the beach in a bit with a fine young specimen of a female.

    Mind you, she is Welsh but beggars can't be choosers :D
  9. I have the hangover from hell, was up late then woken at 0500 by the dog lodgers wanting to go out for a pish. They were route marched home at with a banging headache, the demon with a new found power trip and lack of volume control - half the neighbours in the region were woken by SIT!! bellowing out of her gob. The dogs insisted on sniffing where - and WHEN - the other was marking their terrirtory. It can only get better...
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    You've been deluded by everything that's happened around you.
    Right now you should be worrying about what's going to happen to fcuk your day up.
  11. Fekking awful day. Hungover, and had a massive row last night with the new (and useless) Adjt who couldn't understand why her dress and conduct was incorrect at the Summer Ball. In front of Senior Officers. And trainees. And when challenged, proceded to burst into tears and proclaim that "she's only a girl" :x

    Still, that's Jointery for you. Can you guess which Service she's from?
  12. she might convert you into a decent human being,what with her being from god,s country! :wink: whatever happens you,ll be having a jump tonight! :D
  13. Pretty normal day for this hot sandy place. This morning a Bangladeshi labourer espied a bottle of '7-Up', "Aha", he thinks,..."tis my lucky day. Some stupid person has left this bottle of thirst quencher for me to liberate."

    And without further ado, he took a big mouthful. On thoughtfully savouring the flavour, he became aware of a persistant burning sensation on his tongue, lips and gums. Unfortunately for him, his soon to be ex-mate had used the bottle to fetch the liquid curing agent from a large drum of the stuff.

    I'm happy to report that he has made a full recovery, although there are one or two blisters.

    This afternoon, a Filipino fork lift operator attempted to move a 5 metre wide load through a 3 metre wide gap and knocked over a lamp post onto a flatbed truck loaded with the contractors employees 'tiffin' tins.

    A standard day on a Saudi construction site! (Wish I could get a hangover!!)
  14. Good afternoon to everyone.

    Day is going very nicely, just watched England beat New Zealand at Cricket and off to play a match this afternoon against a good bunch of
    people from the next village.

    (Probably get out for a duck now and get smashed all round the park :evil: )
  15. Fcuk Yeah!

    Currently being in a Durkistan type country today is a work day; a good day so far but some foreign chappie will ruin it soon I'm sure as 'eggs is eggs'.