So how's Tony B spending the money?

just caught a wee bot o' news that the ink has dried on the sale of the Royal Air Force Base Uxbridge in Middlesex for 100 million brit pounds or thereabouts - buyer: the United States Government [ conquering UK piece by piece? ] - the 9th Brit base with a US presence...

rumour has it that it will be a home away from home for the Spook brigade as the funds came out of CIA appropriations..apparently there are thousands of US spy guy types and staffers already ' working ' in Britain [ how many from MI 5/6? slink about in the States ? ]..

just wondered how this worked out as I haven't seen any photos of the straggly haired greatr unwashed protesting and cavorting for camera time on any newscast denouncing the Great Satan Dubya and his accolytes...

ho hum, is it?

you are obviously better informed than the rest of us! First I have heard of the septics buying Uxbridge, but then again we are renowned for keeping things like that secret for no apparent reason (unless it is to stop Swampy and his mates protesting?) :!: :!:
It is hardly a secret - MoD visted last year and gave a presentation on the future of Uxbridge to a selection of the local populace, complete with display boards. Evidently the MoD will develop RAF Northolt to accommodate Uxbridge personnel and all the 'lodgers'. In other words, they'll start building two weeks after the refugees have arived to live in portakabins.

There is already a US presence nearby (they are known as 'Elmers' to the locals), and they apparently plan to build more houses on the site.

It's a shame that MoD a site of great historical importance; RAF Uxbridge is one of the oldest stations. T E Lawrence (of Arabia) served there; Douglas Bader convalesced there, and the 11 Gp Bunker from where the Battle of Britain was controlled is there, as is a Battle of Britain Memorial. The Bunker is now an excellent museum, and well worth a (free) visit. As usual, the bean counters who have never served only think of the money.
If TBliar (praise be upon his name and may a 1,000 virgins suck his todger!) gets his way, the UK will be sold over to GB and then we become his mercenary Army with TBliar (praise etc.etc) as our leader.

Wait a minute, that sounds ficking familiar......... :evil:
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