So how'd ride one of these?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by brettarider, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. Seen these via another forum from 50-200cc I quite like them
    Kikker 5150.
  2. I'd consider dicking around on one - but I'd be wanting another cylinder, and at least another 550 cubes.....but they styling does look mint ( and that's saying something, cos I don't like custom bikes / hardly rideables / etc ), especially with the sucide shift
  3. Looking at that carb, sparking up for a tab after could become interesting!
  4. Seems there's a 250 twin V out now would definerlty consider one of those
  5. What are you supposed to do if you want to go round a corner quickly. Those tyres might be okay in a straight line,which is why Americans build them,but not round corners,tele front end,solid arse end,recipe for disaster. :-(
  6. RR, did you look carefully at it. Look at the engine closely. It wont go quickly in a straight line so going round corners quickly is hardly an issue.
    Those things are really for fun only. Consider it as a grown up airfix kit.
  7. this is want you want........... what you really really want............


    Royal Enfield UK

    I'v been looking at getting a trials as my next ride.

    I dont care that they are made in India these days. still a classic machine and they still looks f*ckin' hot too.
  8. Considered a Royal Enfield. I think I would have a clubman version as a "fun" bike if I had the garage space and spare cash. I wouldnt have one as my only bike but it is not a "toy" like that kicker is.
  9. I have to share this one: I used t have a little yammy 100 'get to work' bike. One night after I'd come up the front garden, I knew I was low on petrol but didn't know how low. So I opens the cap, shakes the bike and looks in but it's too dark.

    So without thinking, I lit a lighter by the cap to try to see the bottom. [As you do] Yes, I know... stupidest thing I've ever done [in a life full of extremely stupid acts]. Anyway, cue little blue flame as the fumes light! :-O

    I am now looking down at a container of petrol between my thighs with my todger some 8 inches away from the naked flame. I had several panic-stricken thoughts crash through my mind after the initial 'Oh Fxxk'! All of them on how to put the thing out without harm to me (read: my bits), damage to the bike or without embrrassment as I clearly envisioned fire-engines, sleepy parents and neighbours in pajamas and a smouldering wreck the next morning with everone wondering 'how?'

    I had many theories on the physics of 'how to put the flames out SAFELY' flash through my mind in this dangerous situation but I'll just say I over-rode my initial instinct of dropping the bike and I ended up trying to blow it out... but I found the chin bit and visor of the full-face helmet nullified the effect. :-o Cue panicy pushing the helmet down and more frantic blowing (no good.. the visor was open/up but now it was in the way!!) I then pushed the helmet up and with a blow, and then a bigger one, I blew the flame out. Phew... :) I sat there in shock! The whole thing lasted about 5 secs.

    My abiding horror is my looking down at an alight petrol tank under my crotch and I'm blowing at the thing in a full-face helmet. :-o
  10. I had a mate do something similar, but with a tank off the bike ready for painting. No idea what possessed him to look inside with a lighter, but there was a quick 'whump' sound, tank hit the floor and all his facial hair, plus a bit leading back from his forehead, all gone in a split second. He was called Nikki Lauder from that day on.