So how much do you end up geting?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by scouser06, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. From what I have been told thus far, the money that goes in to your account at the end of the month is your money i.e the bills for food and accomodation has already been taken out. So if it says 11,774 that's how much you should get...I think.
  2. I was under the impression that, that was before tax, cost of living etc
  3. Haha. Keep dreaming if your expecting that. Thank god for AGAI 67 otherwise you would be getting even less
  4. I meant after, not before.
  5. That figure may be correct as a crow but that is BEFORE accommodation, food, tax, charge in lieu of council tax national insurance, PAX and any charges are deducted you'll probable get about £550 a month when you are in basic, rising to a grand take home at the start of phase 2.

    Hope this helps

  6. hahahaha you wont be on a grand take home at the start of phase 2 im afraid my toms out the factory take home around 700-750 at their first unit after say 12-18 months in the army
  7. Had a look at my old pay statements when i started phase 2 in apr 04 i got 750 pound a month and after 6 months went up to 800 when i went of recruit pay hope that helps oh yeh thats with grade 4 accom
  8. But before you all go errrrr its only £550 a month, remember that all spending money....

    On Civie street, if you say earn £15 k a year, thats about £1k a month take home, after tax, NI, rent, heating, food, electricity, insurance, TV, Sky you won't be left with a lot more then £300.00 spending money. So a Soldier clearing £550 is better off then a civvie earnming £15k.

    Not bad is it?
  9. When I was at RSC last week, they showed that after Tax, NI, Accomodation etc, it came to something like £150 a week, maybe just below, £550 a month after tax and so on sounds about right.

    Hope this helps,

  10. That is very true. I,m on 32k pa now as a civvy. After the morgage,bills, food, council tax, resident parking permits, bupa, pension, sky, Tv licience, insurances etc are taken out of the 1900 or there abouts I take home. I,m lucky to be left with about £450 out of which I have 2 kids to keep which leaves me with about £ 150 pm disposable income. Army pay may look crap on paper (admitidley we could ALL do with a raise) but its not a bad considering. £550 pm for a 17 yo as disposable income in fact is very good. When I was a Jnr in 86 we were on about £65pw , £15 of which was paid in cash at a pay parade & the rest was banked for you in credits which ensured you had a good wedge to go on leave with !!!.

    Regards LT.
  11. When I joined up, I was on £14 a fortnight. Honest. I couldn't afford to smoke.......or drink. That was in the days of ' egg you c*nt' from the fat chain smoking chef at the hotplate. Never missed a meal. I was constantly starving. I looked like a Biafran in DPM. I was forced to buy razor blades and shaving foam............I wasn't even old enough to shave. They used to give us 'credits' when we went on leave. My first leave I got £75 in credits (to last a fortnight). I'm sure that I was robbed.

    I feel really f*cking old now.
  12. when I were a lad, which was even longer ago than biccies, we got enough to buy either a pint of coke or milk a night and 20 fags to last you the week. as all the rest of the money went on the tracksuit, troop plaque, picture etc, not that we had to buy them but everyone had to dress the same for PT, and if you didn't want the picture or plaque there was plenty of room on fire piquet rosta we were reminded..
  13. If you end up with your own room and your own TV are you responsible for obtaining a TV licence for it? NOT a WAH