So, how much did you enjoy your time on TELIC?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. Basra troops 'on another planet'

    BBC have done a piece on life behind the wire in Basra.


    And many find satisfaction in what they call "proper soldiering".

    "Who", asked one officer, "would want to go to Bosnia when you could come to Iraq?". He himself was eager to get to Afghanistan.

    Some soldiers will speak of "enjoying" their time in Iraq without the slightest suspicion of irony.


    It goes onto make the point that US troops have the support of the wider US population, whereas the UK seems to forget that they're there.

    So, what were the highlights of TELIC for you?
  2. As holidays in the sun go, pretty sh*te. If I had paid for it I would have asked for a refund! The highlight was getting on the plane to come home!
  3. Jambalaya menu MRE was very exciting!
  4. Flight home was pretty good, but then the "proper soldiering" bit can easily become tedious as a medic.
  5. Is that the dog's testicle in gravy?!
  6. Well I got to fly in a helicopter, ride a motorcycle and shot three people.
  7. Dog’s testicle!!! Oh my God - I thought it was a cats. I may take legal action.
  8. I lost weight.
  9. I lost weight too courtesy of Shigella :oops:
  10. good tour would be better if you could of had a beer when on down time, Oh wait a min we never got any down time !!!
  11. Was great, travelled lots, met lots of interesting people, had some beers, roamed the desert without helmets or body armour and slept under the stars happy to be on higher rate LSSA!
  12. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    well, celebrating my 45th birthday with a can of ambient temperature Heineken ( that'll be 34 degrees centigrade at 2200 then) was a pretty big moment......

    What else? My major success was bundling the leader of the refuse collection team into our Rover and physically SHOWING him the month old pile of refuse he was to remove (and no, NOT bloody Insh'Allah - today !)

    My Big Day Out - providing the (solo) Armed Presence onboard a former Port of Swansea tug doing a sonar survey of the Khawr Az Zubayr(formerly patrolled only by SEALs and 539 Assault Sqn.)...South African Skipper, Belgian mate and a crew from Goa - and me with my A2 and 180 rds. I declined the curry lunch.

    Oh....and returning to the billet to find our crew out front crouched in cover waiting for whoever had been firing shots in the vicinity to come closer......turned out to be the RAF Police killing pariahs with shotguns- nobody had told us.

    Highlights....I left with no regrets and no huge desire to return. Walking off the Galahad's ramp in Marchwood was quite a big moment too.

    ( the run ashore in Dubai was bangin' though !)

    Lee Shaver
  13. Better than working for a living dont think wife would be too keen on me going again though :( .
  14. Watching the RAF loady fall of the virgin plane that Richard Branson sent out with a full complement of stunning flight attendants, masseuses, alcohol solid food and real bog paper. Oh yea that was the plane that turned back by HMG though loads of us were ready to fly back. Cheers HMG, Dicky B was extremely pi*****d off about that.

    Yea the yanks feeling sorry for us and lending kit and mre as we had NOTHING!!!!

    Did i feel let down only a smidgen.

    Then the best bit was coming back after nearly getting killed umpteen times and finding it was all for nothing!
  15. Best times of my army career, if it could have been like that all the time instead of getting dikced for sh*t postings like i did i would still be in now!