So How Long Will the Union Last?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, May 7, 2008.

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  1. 2012 at best

  2. Another 20-50 years

  3. A Glorious Thousand Year Reich!

  4. Other (Specify)

  1. I'd say another 20 years to be honest.

    Then it's a question of when will Wales be independent.
  2. It depends entirely on how the referendum is phrased.

    If (as the SNP want) it is phrased "Do you, brave Scotsman want to banish the evil English oppressors, and rise, rise, rise up like your forefathers to march to glorious victory over the knavish English Swine!?"

    then yeah, the Union will end fairly sharpish.

    But if it was truthfully phrased i.e.

    "Do you want to be severed from the rest of the Union and therefore the EU, with no chance of membership, as shown by the EU informing the SNP in 2005 that Scotlwand would not meet the economic requirements for entry into the EU, you will lose the massive subsidies you receive and have no chance of maintaining your slim control over the oil revenue from the north sea?"

    then it might be a different outcome. Its a simple choice between getting drawn into emotional rhetoric or actually paying attention to the facts and acting accordingly.
  3. What is so untruthful about the English oppressing the Scots?

    What is so bad about not being part of the EU? The EU is what is ruining this country/group of countries.

    I'd like to hear how the EU gives us more subsidies than it does take money from us.

    With regards to the north sea oil, i am not too clued up on the ownership battle over that. I am sure Scotland could and will keep their ownership of it. The only people i could see fighting over it would be the English.
  4. S'owned by the Oil companies that produce it, not the country it is drilled in.

    Countries assign licences and charge taxes based on usage of pipelines, infrastructure and barrels sold on the international markets.

    As the majority of companies exploiting the north sea are listed on the LONDON stock market, and therefore domiciled in ENGLAND, they would pay tax here.

    Only income received by scotland would be from employment and transit taxes of the produce (bearing in mind only the crude goes to Scotland, gas comes directly to England).

    Putting that aside, North Sea oil is now past peak, and existing fields are exepcted to be depleted within 30 years. So Scotland would have to create a mature, services based economy, rather like that of the City of London, in about 15 years.

    Never gonna happen.
  5. Also, gvt spending per capita is something like 3 k higher per head in scotland than it is in england (although this is equally true for south eastern england vs everywhere else in the UK).

    No amount of squirming will get away from the fact that the UK economy is centred around the South East. Since the industrial revolution it has been, and will be for the foreseeable future (and for as long as the weather remains crap north of Cambridge).
  6. Funny i could have sworn we had a jock PM or areyou of the Mel Gibson educated ilk?
  7. If we go independant im moving , united we stand and all that ...
  8. Apparently we oppress the porridge wogs by supporting them with English Tax revenue etc.
    Obvious realy
  9. Of course free prescriptions higher education and benefits are the tools of evil opressors i think we should apologise for the harm we are doing :roll:
  10. Just as soon as we can get rid.
  11. and obviously ignoring that everything in scotland costs more due to the petrol used to ship it up here having a feck off level of duty on it. Scots effectively pay MORE tax than the b'stard english because of this.
  12. It will last until 2016, tops.
  13. They should have one referendum every generation, not every few years as seems to be the case at the moment.
  14. Title should have been how long before we have a 30 page England-Scotland Slagging match. It took less than an hour forgive us our past trangressions noble savages of the north