So how does Fegie get out of this one

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Black-Bart, May 23, 2010.

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  1. Seems like the News of the Screws has caught her out good and proper. Offering to introduce a businessman to Randy Andy for £500,000.

    Now apart from her Gwarness I've always had a soft spot for Fergie. But seems like she has dropped a right b@llock this time.

    Andrew (it would appear) was not in the know, so how does she get out of this one ???
  2. Stupid bugger has screwed herself over by the looks of it
  3. Another snout in the trough. I can guess who a lot of arrsers will blame as the root cause. ;)
  4. With great difficulty I should think. But frankly she's old hat by now: the media will move on to something else in a day or two. All she needs to do is keep her gob shut for a bit (not one of her core skills, admittedly...)
  5. Nice arse though...
  6. Hopefully she won't.

    She's a money grabbing bitch who has constantly abused her privileged position.

    She lacks integrity and decency. Andy must have been mad to marry her.

    Being a gwar in no way affects my opinion of her :D
  7. The NOTW have caught out sooooo many celebs, politicians etc etc with these scams I'm only surprised that anyone could be quite so stupid as to fall for another one. Burn the bitch and good riddance.
  8. FYI your sig.


  9. That's the only way I'd do the munter…
  10. Even though she's ex-royalty, she probably smells of twiglets and piss!
  11. Yup, you're right.
  12. She could pimp out her daughter's for £40 a pop **** an extra £30 and watersports £20.
    I'd give them a bash. :D
  13. Yes but they would be quality twiglets and p1ss that was 90% champers !!

    And I would have a go on her fun bags as well
  14. I'd bum her.