So how do you do it?

We have had many stories about wank socks on arrse, but alot of people dont actually realise the troubles and strains on what one actually is.

Although this is not my orginal one, as it got lost due to a move, see dear shortfuse thread for details.I talked with Mizkrissi and she helped me find solace in the creation of this one.

I have now found mt true love again with this one, i hope you agree this

its mighty pretty and well do able

so come on people so me ya socks!!

Can your look any more sexy than mine?
if so prove it!!

I challenge anyone with a wanksock to find one better!!
its the best that could be made to make a set of boobs
Sabre said:
its the best that could be made to make a set of boobs
You do know that numerous bars throughout the country do a great line in the latest companion technology called: "Women." Sure they're annoying, but only the really ropey ones have furry t1ts mate.
But i am in NZ mate mate and they are a bit behind the times
'ey bru!!

Be glad he chose the pictures of her in a mini and boob tube and not the ones of sockie dressed up in the baa-lamb outfit and s10 8O

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