So eight members on line.......................

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Books, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. Is it it work or insomnia ? Me work
  2. Me also. It's 14.55 on Tuesday here
  3. Far side of the world and work.
  4. 8 visible, 3 invisible and 137 lurkers.

    You know who you are :D
  5. To be fair I was lurking and reading, it's not always safe to log on at work here as others can grab your account if you get dragged away quickly.
  6. Other side of the world an "work" (ie loafing, looking at Arrse and blagging stupid locals thet you're busty by looking stroppy)
  7. Night shift in a death star/mong hq in the UK.
  8. Been working nights for three weeks and cant sleep.

    Going to get through the day, few beers tonight and hopefully back into a decent kip pattern.
  9. The most exciting thing that has happened here today was my discovery of a 'phone marked "secret service". Didn't ring though, I've been debating the sensibility of picking it up all day.
  10. Go on Jon give it a go, whats the worst they can do to you
  11. Just a quick hello from Canada. I'm here this evening as I got home late - first day back to work after a long layoff. Four hour delay returning home as some morong - not a typo :) - fell/jumped a few stations out.

    Yes, Jon, what's the Secret Phone?

  12. Old Brat any details, or body parts seen ?
  13. Books, no parts to be seen till the 'Sun' tomorrow, I'm sure. It was at Danforth Stn., appx 5 miles east of Union Station, here in Toronto.

    The crowd waiting on platforms to go home had some fun comments though - when trains started shunting back, you could hear them yelling, "Do it right this time!" Then, an announcement for an unrelated line with a delay due to a missing crewmember, much exasperated laughter, and a clear voice: "Check Danforth Station!"

    Now, a few sips o' good stuff, and I'll be off for another rail adventure in the am. Can hardly wait to go back on nights.
  14. Just call me number nine!

    Fell out of the attic yesterday. Was up looking for the paracetamol and can't get back to sleep. Something to do with my right leg being twice the size of the left. Still that's never been a problem before!
  15. I think it has something to do with "Presidential Movements" what ever they maybe. I suppose I will find out if someone trys to pop the shaven monkey.