So does being a millionaire give you class?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sallyanne09, Nov 2, 2011.

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  1. Just read this in The Torygraph and had a wry chuckle to mesen.

    Best line of all has to be the quote from the couple "We are obviously horrified by this as, although the arrest did happen, we firmly do not believe that we have done anything to merit the charges or treatment we received".

    Coz goin down on a black fella in the loo whilst hubby watches and has a J Arthur is perfectly acceptable ;-)

    British rich-list couple arrested in Florida - Telegraph
  2. If the pair of idiots hadn't started gobbing (gobbling?) off at the cop, I'm pretty sure they would've been sent on their way, with nothing more than a flea in their respective ears. Mind you, the husband could've been tazered, on the strength of that fucking necklace alone.

    Classic case of the rich persons disease 'don't-you-know-who-I-am-itis.'

    Oh how the mighty fall...
  3. Or get down on their knees.
  4. Ironic really, she can swallow a nigger's cock but swallowing her pride makes her gag.
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  5. Does the silly cow think that because they are in Florida it's OK to have a couple of wraps of Charlie about her person?

    Send her down.
  6. C'mon fellas...I think we're dodging the most pertinent question here.

    I would.
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  7. Have to agree there.

    Anyone find it odd that the bail was set very low, they got to keep their passports and were allowed to fly home?

    I was under the impression that drugs possession in Spamland was taken a tad more seriously.

    There's an Irish lad I that have the odd beer with, who couldnt post bail, and spent 3 months in a US slammer before he was acquitted at court, and then deported for a rather pathetic altercation with a Taxi driver.
  8. Sorry, you're quite right. Yes, in a heartbeat, although I wouldn't kiss her if she's been gargling jigaboo jizz.
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  9. Arrogant tossers !

    I suggest she thinks about how she feels about 'ladies'. She may not be seeing many men for a while.

    But yes I would too. No need for spectators though.
  10. 'The couple are believed to have visited the club...while their young children were looked after at a hotel'

    Snorting chang and sucking dick in Florida makes a change from tapas in Portugal, I suppose.
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  11. Three months in an American gaol, poor sod!

    Not sure about your other point though, would it be chaper for them to skip bail and write the bail money off?

    Are the yanks likely to try to get them extradicted?
  12. elton+john.jpg
    Yes mate!
  13. I'd smash her like a toilet door. She can slurp on my knob too. It's the other white meat.

    Hubby can fucking wait outside and wank quietly.
  14. Not worth the risk of a nasty disease.
  15. That is a good question Bushmills. Perhaps that will be a measure of their arrogance.

    Turn up to 'clear' your name because 'We do not believe we have done anything...'


    Never go to the States again.

    As you say, is extradition likely ?