So, do you think well get a payrise?


Given the fact that the British Forces are about as fragged as they have been since the second world war; a number of senior officers, including Dannet and Sheriff have said that the covenant between the army and the govt is broken, and we are failing to recruit the numbers that are required to compensate for the number leaving the forces, do you think we will get a pay rise come next April?

I think its a pretty good bet. Bliar, Brown and Swiss Tony are, in my opinion, currently sailing close to the edge. If they dont realise now, of all times, that they are taking the piss out of the 'can do attitude' of the forces then they are heading for a fall (ARRSE does not promote the armed overthrow of the govt .......... unfortunately). Its about time that this shitarse govt actually recognised the personal sacrifice that most of us in the army/navy and air force have given over the past 10 years

so, a personal message to those in power......... dont take the piss out of us for much longer, you can only kick a dog so many times before it will bite its master


LMAO from whats been said over the past few months were gonna get 2% and a rise in our quarter/single living accm to bring us into line with civvy street and we'll probably have to make our own way to deployments and then claim the cost back using JPA :)


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To be honest arai I think you will get a pay rise .of sorts!! and as soon as they can the shower that is Liarbour will announce an Armed forces Pay review ( read royal shafting on the way)......
Fcukin disgrace with all that you put with you deserve every penny, personally I would give you the 30-60% the tw@tting MP's want for themselves........ Good luck......


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I cannot recall a pay rise (apart from promotion) which made a noticeable difference to my standard of living ever :roll:
I do recall at least two occasions when the Govt split the payrise over the year! :x

I wish all the recent Top Brass going public was a bit nearer to April.

By the time they sit down to do the sums all the recent support will be old news! We will get the bog standard rise to keep us in line with inflation and as already previously mentioned MQ charges will continue to rise until they equate to the civvy housing market!

Ref your personal message
Arai said:
so, a personal message to those in power......... dont take the urine out of us for much longer, you can only kick a dog so many times before it will bite its master

We are a bit toothless on that front, less the efforts of BAFF, but soldiers can and are voting with their feet!

My personal message would be Improve things for the Army while you still have one!

Unless of course you are plotting the armed overthrow of the Government! (If thats the case PM me the details of the next meeting) :twisted:


I should have said, do you think we'll get a payrise over the standard 2 -3 % just above inflation....... which the cnuts usually give us (and then take it away with the other hand with increased food and accomodation charges). Thats the trouble with this bunch of penny pinchers in the MOD/Treasury, they think we are all stupid, and we are too thick to notice. Join the BAFF - get a voice.


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Probably just level with inflation if we are lucky, looking at this :roll:,,2087-2524444,00.html

The armed forces have been told to save more than £250m this year, and £1 billion by April 2008, amid a “rebalancing” of the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD’s) spending plans, defence sources disclosed.

Looks like I had better stop saying "Thank God we have a Navy when the blokes mess up" too.


you wil probably end up like me, an infiltration of East Europeans doing your job for miminum wage, personaly I have lost about £2 an Hour because of all this EU crap!, give it time and I am sure you will as well, welcome to the UKSSR Folks!, I have Friends at work (poles) that cannot believe the total control here! and they lived under the Communist way! WTF!!
I remeber a news story (times a few months ago) saying that the average house price was rising by around £50 a day last year.

I was thinking of getting a mortgage but as a shed in the outer hebrides is the only thing in my price range I might just save up for professional euthanasia when I'm 90.


If anyone thinks we'll get a payrise they are living in Never Never Land. We are not vote winners for the Government and with Brown likely to be taking over the reins from Blair a payrise is even less likely. He doesn't like the forces because we cost money!!! On top of all that we have no way of fighting back with comments made to the press. And Dannet and Sherieff aside the only senior guys that speak up are those that have left the forces...step up all the recent heads of the various arms including the CDS Jacko. They only actually stood up once their Knighthoods and pensions were secure. If our senior brass won't stand up and be counted on our behalf then who will? And to anyone that would like to say that they are not allowed to say anything to the press. This is true but what they need to say doesn't need to be said to the press...they could do a whole lot more by standing by their convictions and stepping down if they do not get what they ask for. That would send a much louder message to both the Government and to the rest of the country...far more questions would be asked if one of them had the bottle to do this.....right rant over!

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