So Conservatives or Labour?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ord_Sgt, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Lets be honest, the only real choice is the Conservatives or Labour?

    What say you?
  2. monster raving loony party
  3. The current govt is fine.
    That would be the SNP.
    Be interesting to see who wins the english regional elections in May.

    where I am now-PAP,and has been for nearly 50 years(no united opposition in Singapore).

    where I live really- depends who wants to win and can pay most!
    Pinoys identify/vote for people,not parties,so president can be film star,military dictator or business person.
    you can see its very US influenced.though current pres wanted to change to westminster system(didnt say if pre or post devolved,but some parts of country already devolved.
  4. I will always vote Tory… why?

    Because I left school at 16, joined the Navy, got on with life and did well, now own my own home, 3 nice cars including a classic one, sent my son to Uni on my own coin and can afford a decent holiday a year abroad.

    Labour and the Limp Dems think this is not 'fair' and they should take the money I worked damn hard for and 'redistribute'… (don't you just love that term, they mean STEAL it), - and give it to welfare leeches and the lazy barstewards who couldn't be bothered to try and better themselves.
  5. Semper

    You are Spot Mate, everyone that works hard and earns a few bob must share it with the sick, lame and lazy opps and not to forget Johnny Foreigner.

  6. I say this is why the standards of British politics has gone down the toilet in the last 40 years or so.

    Because you are exactly the same as those that will always vote Labour.
  7. My thinking.

    WTF do they mean by "Fairer" ? It's meaningless verbal diarrhea that sounds good by WTF does it mean? Society can not be fair, it's completely and utterly impossible for any society to be fair, unless you're willing to impose total conformity on everybody. You can set a level "playing field" but some people, even given all the assistance you want, are incapable of doing anything with themselves.

  8. I take that as an endorsement. :eek:
  9. Of course the SNP is fine for Scotland - the English are picking up the bills for their largesse, just look at how the Barnett formula skews public expenditure to our friends in the north.

    How would an independant Scotland have coped with RBS..........???

  10. Spot on
  11. Despite my doubts about Cameron, I'm going to vote Tory. Two main reasons:

    A vote for anyone else would mean these bastewards staying in power
    I'm in a key Tory/Labour marginal, so my vote will count

    And, as a bonus, the Tory candidate's a reservist with a HERRICK tour under his belt.

    Still got my doubts about Cameron though... :(
  12. I'm voting Tory this time around. I'll never vote Liebour ever again after the last 13 years :evil:
  13. Labour, I like the colour.
  14. What.. as in the gay pink coloured tie GB had on last night :wink: