So,Cherie has a spare 10 minutes & meets the Pope....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    So, Cherie bLair was in Rome the on Friday & found out the Pope wanted a word in her shell like.Being the arrogant self appreciating luvvie that she is (Apparently,she refuses to curtsy to H M The Queen!) she defies Papal protocol & wears white,A fubar as the only women allowed to wear white when in the Pope's presence are Female Catholic Monarchs! This 'White Privilage' is only held by the Queen's of Spain & Belgium & the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.
    Tradition states that females attending a Papal Audience wear balck & cover their heads (Which troutmouth did'nt do either)
    You would have thought as a devout Catholic,she would have observed protocol.Maybe she's so much more important than the Pope she cant see what all the fuss is about.
    Tradition,we're the bLairs! F*** TRADITION!!
  2. so she upset a nazi .See little bit of good in everyone :lol:
  3. so she upset a nazi .See little bit of good in everyone :lol:
  4. Maybe he was asking advice on how to tart up the balcony.

    Saw her hairdo and thought she could help.
  5. It's research for her next expensive speaking engagement, which will be on a topic at the cutting edge of international human rights law: do lawyers get paid too much?

    Her next research trip is to Canada, where she will investigate the bowel movements of arboreal bears.
  6. Maybe popey was asking her how he could get away with splogging £7500 on haircuts!
  7. I hope his heart stood up it, must be quite a shock meeting her/it in the flesh!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Quite so Sergey, but the political inclinations of both McAleese and Robinson (both professed Catholics but feminist liberals) explain their decisions - which were discourteous whichever way one cuts it, as just because the Papacy makes its dress code optional does not mean that bad manners are therefore optional. That Raisa Gorbachev opted to wear red is not such a discourtesy in my opinion, as she was at least in keeping with her position as a Communist atheist.

    As for Cherie Blair - well, I am of the opinion that she is something of a laissez-faire Catholic, who may see some social cachet in being a Catholic, but otherwise merely goes through the motions.
  10. I see that she dressed all in white to meet the pope. There are about three Queens in Europe who have been granted that right to appear beofre the pope dressed in white and Queen Blair is not one of them
  11. Gallowglass!

    The political inclinations of mrs.Blair are 'red' (at least from formal point of view).

    Vatican's protocol was desined in times when all 'first Catholic ladies' were wives of Catholic kings. Now the protocol has been modernised. In this context, mrs.Blair understands it in the extended sense. Among 'Catholic wives' she has the most powefull husband.

    HM wore black? Great Britain can be proud to have such a queen. God save HM!

    PS. Only a vulgar newspaper could omitt mentioning of the changes in the protocol. Such a newspaper is a bad source of information.
  12. So there's Elton John- who are the other two?

    I'll get me coat...
  13. Julian Clary and Lily Savage?
  14. It is not a first lady. It is a fugly parasitic troll.
  15. Pope "Hi Cherie, how's Tony's sweating?"
    Cherie "Fine tosh but Shagger's playing up again"
    Pope "He's a lad, you can't help but admire him"
    Cherie "Dirty barsteward tried it on with me, told him to fcuk off"
    Pope "How's the cat problem?"
    Cherie "Got rid of the cat, it's just the fcuking neighbours now"
    Pope "What's this shite about the hairdos?"
    Cherie "Storm in a teacup, they haven't seen the other bills yet"
    Pope "Seems like money well spent"
    Cherie "Kiss my arrse popey"
    Pope "Yeh, ok and you can kiss my ring"