So chaps...where to next?

Seen as Afghan seems to winding down (re: 2014 fast approaching and NATO being very cautious) - where are we going to next?

I ask for both interest and personal reasons. I passed out from the TA commissioning course last year and I'm wondering what future ops may be in store?

Yes, I am full of piss and vinegar and yes, I am currently a CROW but given that the British Army has been on ops somewhere at any given time - where to next, chaps?

Is a shoeing for France on the cards given their recent invasion of our newest Princess' top shelf?

Thanks for any replies - even the silly ones.


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Scotland. Give the ******* independence from the union then invade, rape, pillage and conquer. Then merge the country into England by right of conquest. And we can deal with the insurgency whilst commuting from home.


Kuwait, Saudi, UAE. Well one at least. Make sure Mr Dinner Jacket does yet any funny ideas about sending troops across the water after Bibi administers a very small shoe.
Once they leave the Euro then Golden Dawn will get voted in and then sieze power (See a Mr A Hitler for guidelines) and usher in a new faaaaaaaaaaar right government.
This will lead to them laying siege to Troy (or FYROM) and building a huge weapon of mass horsiness which will be judged a threat to the region by the UN and off you all go.
In those circumstances, Steven, wouldn't we send Claire Balding?

The Greeks'd surrender in the face of overwhelming jollity and an earnest discussion about lesbianism.


I,ve got raf career ads :(
How about finland ?
There be expecting the russians suprise would be on are side:)
It would be logistically logical given all the desert kit and sand paint we have.
I reckon seeing how we havent been any real success overseas we can concentrate on Bradford and Blackburn and any other town with a muslem majority. After all isnt that why we went to the sandpit to ensure wouldnt happen if we won that is?
The Vatican. Only 70ish Swiss Guards, so our new strength army stands a chance and we have unfinished business from the Reformation.

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Obviously just a personal opinion, but I think that the UK (post-Afghanistan) will lay low and take a breather for a couple of years given a choice in the matter. It'll be a period of re-evaluation, development and restocking of inventory and purses, reorganisation and redistribution of personnel and assets per the published MOD plan. Development and strengthening of new alliances and repairing of old (coincidentally these alliances usually involve countries with oil). The main issues around at the moment seem to be Iran/Israel and China/Japan/Taiwan. But I think the UK will breakout the deckchair and popcorn and watch from the sidelines if the Red Sea pedestrians decide to annoy the neighbors. I don't think Dave has the stomach or finances for much else. Well... maybe the odd cheer and a token contributions when pushed. Other than that, I really can't see any large scale deployments in the near future as things stand at the moment. But I'm pretty sure from time to time, the small battalion/brigade level UN/NATO firefighting roles will be about per usual. I really hope I don't end up having to change my handle to Kaiser Chamberlain....."peace in our time", etc.

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