So called former SAS soldier

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by filfy, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. I have recentlly been looking through my local paper and the following article came up.

    Now from what I know he was in the Royal Artillery in the 90's and was a storeman?

    So if anyone has any real info please comment on the site! As I think its disgusting when someone makes out they are something they have never been.

    I served ten years and I never shot anyone! And I am more than happy to admit to it!

    As you can see the story is contradictory. To be in the special forces in the 90's and then be training to get in the SAS makes no sense at all?

    I apologise if he truely has been in! But I really doubt it!!!

    anyway here is the full story!!!

    Blackburn war hero taken to court for dropping parking ticket

    10:44am Wednesday 21st January 2009

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    By Andrew Bellard »

    A DISABLED war hero was taken to court for littering after dropping a parking ticket on the floor — even though he picked it up seconds later.

    Magistrates threw out the case against former SAS soldier Nassir Abaid Khan, 44, and said it should never have been brought to court.

    And they criticised the evidence given by the two parking wardens who brought the case, labelling their testimony ‘inconsistent’.

    Mr Khan said the episode - which happened in Whalley Banks, Blackburn - had been a ‘total waste of taxpayers’ money’.

    Council leader Colin Rigby criticised the parking warden’s lack of ‘common sense’ and pledged there would be no repeat. But critics said the incident highlighted wardens’ ‘over-zealous, vindictive and disgusting’ behaviour.

    Blackburn magistrates heard that Mr Khan, who fought in the British special forces in Desert Storm in the early 1990s, was given a parking ticket for leaving his silver BMW outside a barber’s last summer.

    Realising he had forgotten to display his blue badge, he confronted parking attendant Sharon Wallbank and showed her his disabled pass, but she refused to cancel the ticket.

    Mr Khan said he tried to stick the ticket on her jacket but it fell to the floor.

    The court heard that he picked it up immediately and just 10 minutes later he reported the incident to officials at Blackburn town hall and the ticket was rescinded, as the council has a policy on first offences.

    But just two weeks later Mr Khan said he was shocked to receive a penalty notice for littering after being accused of dropping the ticket.

    At court Simon Farnsworth, defending, said: “The parking ticket clearly wasn’t left (on the street) because it is here in court today and was produced at the town hall within minutes of it being put on the windscreen.”

    Announcing a not guilty verdict the chairman of the magistrates said: “It is clear the defendant did not leave the ticket even if he did throw it to the floor.

    “Most people would interpret the word ‘left’ as throwing something on the floor and walking away. That wasn’t the case.

    “On the evidence put before us we feel this matter should never have been brought before the court.”

    Speaking after the hearing, Mr Khan, a prison officer of Hastings Close, Blackburn, said: “I’m sure the people who live in the borough can think of much better ways to spend their money.

    “I could just have paid the fixed penalty for littering and that would have been the end of it but I knew that was wrong.”

    He said he was now in the final stages of an application to join Greater Manchester police force and that a criminal conviction could have put a stop to this career.

    “Putting my police career on the line was a big risk but I couldn’t admit to something I hadn’t done. It was a matter of principle”, he said.

    During the Gulf War he was awarded three service medals and won a special colonels commendation for his bravery fighting on the front line.

    In 1999, while trianing in the Scottish mountains to join the elite SAS he had an accident and fell, breaking his back and nearly severing his spine.

    He is now registered disabled and remains on medication.
  2. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Do GMP take disabled people as coppers now? It genuinley puzzles me.
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  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    That paragraph and journos tendency to bullsh1t and write complete rubbish might explain it. I don't think theres any walting going on here.
  4. It could be the paper fcuking up, wouldn't be the first time. Perhaps he was attached to SF during GW1, and then tried to join 'them?'

    That's surely quite easy to check up on?
  5. I beleive that one of the medals would have been the UK Gulf war medal and the other two of those medals would have been the bits of cheap tin that Kuwait and Saudi dished out in lucky bags to all that attended, you know the type you cant wear.
  6. If he served on Op GRANBY he would have received the Saudi and Kuwaiti medals ("as a keepsake") as well as being awarded the British medal.
  7. Reading this, the "SAS" Claim of the headline, only appears to be at the end, when he was training.
    The awards claims for Granby is not Walty either.
    It would seem that the Paper itself is bigging up what he truthfully told them. IMHO
  8. He could have been trying for 23 SAS if he was up in Scotland
  9. good first post filfy, he was neither bigging it up as SAS nor claiming to have gallantry medals dripping off his chest.
    Good points though are what a bunch of wasters his local council and its traffic wardens are and also as picked up on above, if he broke his back and nearly severed his spine, would he be fit enough to join plod?
  10. He probably had kittens when he read the story. The general air of incoherence suggests one recent graduate typing up notes badly scribbled by another.
  11. Seconded. Journos will put SAS in a headline or story on the flimsiest of excuses, as they know it gets people interested in what otherwise might be a non-story... :roll:
  12. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Put the keys down and step away from the bus!
  13. I never even got my outrage slippers on :D
  14. Walt-hunting is so last year.
  15. He could have been in 4/73 Bty on Granby?