So-called clinical governance

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Runner, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. How's this for a piece of silliness. I am a TA Major, physically very fit and dual qualified RGN/RMN. I also have a PhD and language skills (Russian). However, because I teach in higher education (teaching clinical stuff) I am not considerd 'clinically current'. Despite having volunteered for Herrick 10a have been told that I can't go. In addition, I work on a NHS nurses bank in acute medical nursing 2-3 times a month to keep my hand in, and no, I don't find that I've forgotten everything or can no longer remember which orifice to put the thermometer in.

    I was deployed on Telic 3, having volunteered. I had no problems there and came away with a very complementary insert slip. I can't help but feel that 2 med. brigade is run by jobsworth idiots who understand nothing at all about clincal competence or professional responsibility. Don't get me wrong, I can see the point of having to be doing the job every day if one is a surgeon nor would I have the temerity to put myself forward for work on ITU but I have no problems doing general medical or psychiatric nursing in the NHS so why not the army?

    In the meantime poor bloody regulars will get dicked time after time for deployment. Of course, in the long-term, what this also means is that unless one is 'on the ward' there is no place for senior nurses in the TA, whether educationalists or managers. Yet, funnilly enought the regular army seems to be lifting with people who also do little or no clinical work but still make these decisions.
  2. how about registering with a Specialist TA Unit? (the mental health skills would seem very usefull?)
  3. Maybe they thought you were too modest? :roll:
  4. That's a possibility. At the moment I have a sub-unit command but when my tenure ends I may look around me for something else, but what? Problem is, I don't know whether this is a local phenomonon or general. I know that many units simply don't have many slots for psyche nurses, which is one of the reasons I've concentrated on the medical nursing.

    I suspect that what is at the heart of it is that someone at the top takes the view there are too many nursing officers in the army in general and the TA in particular and they are using clinical governance as a blunt instrument to purge a lot quickly. After all, why deploy a Major or a Captain when the job can be done by a corporal?

    Another thought is to try to find some other area in which I might be valued such as a university OTC. But, hey-ho, I'll plod on for the time being and see whether I can't volunteer again at a later date.
  5. Ian,

    See PM.

  6. Dry your eyes princess.
  7. I think you'll find that your failure to catch the selector's eye for the Ward, was nothing to do with 2 Med Bde. Can I suggest you talk to your own unit and its assessment of your clinical currency and suitability for an adult general nursing role.
  8. Yes 'cos the DMS is just tripping over people with your experience willing to deploy on another tour. Those hearty lads and lassies of the DMS; they just love all those tours. Thank god for CG eh...makes you proud to be an Ex Pat.
  9. Just in case there is any confusion, this is not about who goes and who does not go on deployment but about who decides who is 'clinically current' and how. After all, the NMC regards me as being a practising nurse and their PREP document is fairly clear about what constitutes 'practice'. That, however, seems to be ignored. Its also about whether anyone who is not on a ward or community clinical setting has a place in the TA. What will be next? 'OK, you work in theatre but it doesn't count as it's only listed surgery and not emergency'?
  11. I believe the RAuxAF are recruiting especially in the area of mental health and aeromed. Just a thought.

  12. I find it rather difficult to accept that someone who holds your rank and professional position fails to accept the requirements of our nursing staff.

    Would the Int Corps be interested in your linguistic capability?... just a thought!
  13. In what areas are you not clinically current??? could you not do any attachments/additional training/work shadowing to bring you back up to speed? or is it a case of those that can do ...those that can't ..teach!!!
  14. Ah the Clinical Governance sledge hammer rears its ugly head again.

    I remember when APHC first started and some bright spark in charge of clinical governance thought that CMT's were not clinically current.

    Next thing you know they are trying to ban all CMT's from the treatment rooms in medical centres. Didn't last long though.

    I say stuff em. They'll all get found out in the end as pen pushing under achievers trying to justify their existance.
  15. Is that the Ex Mil-Civ orgnisation that promised so much and has woefully under-achieved? Designed to bring Military Medicine into line with NHS Best Practices it means that not enough nurses or those that are employed are looking after families and not soldiers and in fact rely on medics who the AFPRB deem to be not worthy of a higher band?

    Medics who do so much of the Primary Health front end business yet are not competent to prescribe Paracetamol or Petroleum based products.