So Brown says he did not cut any military funding then...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by IanCulverhouse, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. Chinnok FFS the bloke who wrote that has spelling worse than me
  2. Cutting the RAF to pay for chinooks isnt a good idea in the long run is it?
    And that picture, british troops in action? I'd hope not because he either has a scoped AK or a old stock dragunov, if its so bad we have to use those we reallya re in the shit...
  3. There's a pub called the Culverhouse in Cardiff
  4. There's a bloke called Ian as well, if we're being irrelevant. In fact, there's quite a few.
  5. I read with interest the news of the Chinook pilot who had a lucky escape after "being shot between the eyes". The article then went on to say the Chinook had flown from the Atlantic Conveyor in 1982 just before it was sunk, ploughed into the sea at 100 knots on a later date, and some 28+ years later its still crawling its sorry ass through the skies....

    How many lives does an airframe get before you have to get out your Govt chequebook and buy some more????
  6. You mean like the Falklands airframes that had flown in Aden?
  7. RUBBISH!......Don't believe a word this man says. :x
  8. Brown lies as naturally as the rest of us breathe, like most bullies he is a liar, a coward and an incompetent whose actions have DIRECTLY resulted in preventable servicemens and womens deaths.

    This man should be before the courts not an enquiry, at least then he could be sentenced for perjury.

    I hope he dies of auto erotic asphxiation.
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Nope - not by that method. There is a chance that he would have enjoyed himself before he signed off. He doesn't deserve that.... :D
  10. If it's airworthy it's airworthy.

    Point being more if we want to attack Brown, we need to come up with something a bit more solid. I saw an ex-colonel on BBC News 24 a couple of hours ago giving a really lame performance attacking Brown's inquiry evidence. He came across like a clueless whinger who wasn't at all sure what he wanted Brown to have done better.

    Brown got off lightly. The ex-generals should have done a better job in making their case before today.
  11. Oh my mistake... I hope he is brutally and painfully murdered by Thompson and Venables who then stage his death to look like auto erotic asphyxiation... before killing themselves.
  12. That would be ZA 718 Bravo November(N370058) been around since about 1980
  13. I shall inform the Boss on Monday that Brown says it's all a lie we're short of wonga!