So being fat is a race right now?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 1stgulfmac, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Americans.

    Mind you, it's the only race any of them stand any chance of getting into.
  2. Creative use of race politics to prevent that grandstanding idiot mayor shafting small businesses to the benefit of national chains. Very sensible of them, do it myself in their position.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Well- I do agree somehow with their concerns...
    Not to mention that even if all supermarkets etc would be banned from selling >0.5 litre bottles of cola- it's still a stupid, idiotic ban. I see no reason why anyone could ban stuff like that. If I wanna buy 5 litres bottle of cola and if cola producer wanna sell me one- that's not the goverment business.
  5. Fat is not race, but its not a crime either.

    Perhaps the state should just let people make their own choices. It is the land of the free? Right?
  6. It's a ****ing waste of time anyway. There's no law that stops them from just selling you two normal size drinks.
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  7. Happy to let people make their own choices, if they pay for them. Obese ? Smoker ? Have the credit card handy when you want NHS treatment chum.
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  8. it's not a point.
    government on any level shouldn't try to interfere with market in this way- way that is either smart or equal (to every seller)

    don't smokers and chubbers pay taxes founding NHS too?
    and of course- you are the one to decide at which level someone should be paying for health services? if i've smoked few fags and ate at mcdonalds last year- will i be eligible for "free" nhs treatment? or should I loose it?
    not to mention that it happens in US'n'A, where public health service is rather a joke....
    "land of free" my arse...
  9. Self inflicted obesety should be a crime. Even on our little island it costs the tax payer (read me!) a huge amount of money.

    Only in the west are the poor fat. Stop moaning and stop eating so much you lazy fat *******!
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  10. Government revenue from tobacco tax is already more than treble the cost to the NHS of smokers.
    Stop people smoking and the government will have to find an alternate source of revenue, be careful what you wish for!

    In the case of the original post its health insurance that is more relevant, I presume premiums are loaded according to lifestyle? Weight, smoking, alcohol intake etc
  11. Even in an entirely-marketised healthcare system like the US's, fat people wind up costing other folk money. It's not as if the insurance companies are going to absorb the additional costs of an increase in obesity-related illness all by themselves, is it? They'll pile it on to the premiums.

  12. Yes, hence the current scurry to ban or work out a practical & equitable method of taxing "e-cigarettes".
  13. Yes, go out for a run, and when your knees give out you'll be told it's self-inflicted and you have to pay.