So army 2020 anymore cash for the TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brighton hippy, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. Thought not?
    How exactly are they planning to physically double the numbers new dill halls etc or is it just a paper exercise.
  2. Dill originates from Eastern Europe and is much hardier than most people think.

    Fresh, frozen or dried, the ferny foliage and seeds are a tasty flavouring for fish, lamb, new potatoes and peas. Remember to add dill at the end of cooking, because cooking will destroy most of its flavour. It tastes very much like aniseed, so be sparing when adding it to food or it will overwhelm other flavours.

    Dill is tolerant of most conditions and easy to germinate, so it causes few problems for novice gardeners. Container grown or in the garden it is also a very attractive plant with wispy feathery leaves.

    To that end, I don't think you need to build halls to grow your Dill. An open garden will suffice.
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  3. Do we need more drill halls ? They are more than half empty on a drill night as it it, and since they are typically only open one parade night a week for one unit it would be simple enough to have more than one unit even in a small TAC

    At my old TAC in Hull for example there were three units parading there on different nights, and that was a small TAC
  4. Ha ******* ha :( :)
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Didn't you get the letter from DCLF?

    His opening paragraph reads:

    "Today’s A2020 announcement has not provided you with the level of detail that some of you might have been expecting from a Reserve perspective. This has been deliberate as, while the A2020 team developed a detailed revised structure for the Reserve, the final decisions are dependent upon the outcome of the work to develop the Army Basing Plan; this will not be complete and announced until the end of the year. Only then will we be able to announce the revised structure and laydown for the Army Reserve, and how Regular and Reserve units will be paired."

    In other words, once they have figured out what they are going to do with the regular army, they will then start to work out where to put the reserves.

    I very much doubt that will include any more real estate.
  6. you're right, what it needs is some sort of....[stares thoughtfully into the middle distance before snapping fingers]

    snazzy advertising campaign!
  7. I can think of some that we could get shot of and never miss..
  8. Brighton Hippy - get on message. This superb government is investing more than £1.8bn in the reserves over the next 10 years, to turn the current set of hopeless, HLS beret wearing gareths into underwater knife fighting ninjas well capable of fighting any foreign adventure of CMD's choosing, cementing David's, whoops I mean Britian's place in history . Difficult decisions needed to be taken to reduce the size of the regular army due to the financial black hole created by the previous incumbents, military covenant, integration, blah blah blah....
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  9. what does the TA currently cost per year?

    is the £1.8bn over and above what is already spent on them?
  10. Before we discuss how the MOD is going to splurge 1.8Bn on the reserves, perhaps we need to address a few more fundamental questions than whether we need to build more and shinier drill halls. In any case, given that the new basing plan seeks to put regular army garrisons closer to centres of population and Army 2020 would see a closer relationship between regular and reserve components, it would be logical to get TA soldiers to conduct their duty at the regular army garrisons, rather than in some isolated drill hall where the quality of training is unlikely to be as high.

    Once again, I suggest we seek to answer the following, before we decide which TAC bar to refurbish first:

  11. Why not just bin the TA, and use the money to keep the Regs at an acceptable level of manning?
  12. The RNR and RAuxAF, being quicker out of the gate with their reserve 2020 programmes, are reporting extra money as available and up for bidding for. Thus once Army command work out how they want to expand the TA they can bid for their chunk of the money.

    Given various buzzwords in the overall 2020 document ("cyber, civil contingency and wider regeneration") are likely to be good bets for getting extra cash I'd imagine the Army will want in on those areas specifically as well.
  13. I have it good authority that the RAuxAF spend their weekends in travel lodges and the like
  14. The TA currently costs somewhere in the region of £450m. This is broken down into £170m Training (MTDs, POL, Ammo etc) £180m Perm Staff (admin, PSIs etc), £50m Estates and £50m Cadets, and therefore an increase of £1.8Bn over 10 years or £180m per year is a substantial sum of money.

    That is until you realise that the real manning (Number achieving Certificate of Efficiency) rather than paper strength is somewhere around 10k compared to 25k on the books. The army would like to increase this to 30k + recruits. If so, the £180m is going to get used up pretty quickly even before any new TACs / units are brought into the picture. I think all units will start to see changes towards the end of this year, but the real changes will be seen and felt in the next financial year.

    Drill halls have to be in the centre of populations. If they are not, you end up with empty drill halls and everyone wonders why. Most recruits will come from within 20mins drive of their TACs. Once people are in, then most will travel to get there, but getting the potential recruit in is the bit that doesn’t change. Having TACs only inside regular garrisons leads to large areas of the population not being included and more often than not a dusty hanger out of sight and out of mind. If you want manning, then the TAC needs to be in the centre of town, in the public eye and mind, and sharing with cadet organisations – to really be part of the community. By the sounds of it if you want efficiency, go to the garrison towns, share facilities / instructors etc with the units there and use the benefits of scale. Or simply have a mixture of the two.

    It comes back to the argument of central control v grass root level support.
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  15. The 20 minute rule is a bit out of date, but I will take that argument if you accept that many people commute far longer every day.

    Now, given that the AR will be part and parcel of the A2020, there will be no need for it to have vehicles (maybe a few minibuses) or any equipment, this will all be held centrally at the big new Army bases.

    Thus huge savings that can be ploughed into recruiting and manning the new AR.

    The idea of a drill hall in every town is dead, long live WFM and central control. It will work, and I bet you over the next 10 years we will see countless ppt. to prove that it is working. Otherwise, the emperors new clothes will be exposed, and that cannot and will not be allowed to happen.