So, any MMO'ers on here?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Harry_Monk, May 23, 2011.

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  1. Just sitting at work bored on a Monday morning, browsing ARRSE looking for something to pass the time and thought I would post this. So, as it says in the title, do we have any MMORPG'ers on the forum? If so, what games have you played / are playing / are waiting for?

    Personally, ive been playing primarily MMO's for over a decade (by far my favourite genre). Some of my experience is:

    Everquest II: Played for a while but never really found a guild, the people I play the game with are in many ways more important than the game itself for me.
    World of Warcraft (of course, what really MMO gamer hasn't at least tried it?)
    Lord of the Rings Online - Played this from closed beta and have a lifetime subscription. Currently on a 'break' waiting for new releases.
    Dungeons and Dragons Online - Also in closed beta for this but haven't played it in quite some time now.
    Eve - Been playing Eve on and off since 2005, tried my hand at most things ingame and always go back to it now and then.
    Rift: Tried it in open beta, played a rogue class (generally my preferred choice) and it just screamed WoW clone to me, so quickly gave up.

    There are others but these are probably the ones I have played the most and are more well known, also played many many of the more basic 'korean grindfest' type games (bit of a generic term, but covers a magnitude of the less mainstream MMO's)

    Currently waiting for:
    Star Wars: The Old Republic. Been in a phase of closed beta for this (can't discuss as still covered by the NDA) but definately interested, being a long time Star Wars fan certainly helps.
  2. I've got Order & Chaos on the iPhone, but I'm too scared to really get into it - it's already got a huge following (meaning it's probably pretty good) & I'm not sure I've got the time to invest =) (it's supposed to be a rip of WoW).

    Apparently Atari are release Neverwinter this year - an MMO based on Neverwinter Nights which I think might be pretty good.
  3. Will have to go Google that as it sounds like it has a lot of promise!

    Playing Rift at the moment and it was good but the end game is definitely lacking polish and is a bit dull, although Trion seem to be working hard to improve things
  4. Still playing WoW since release, still raiding and still enjoying it, though I know that's primarily due to the people I raid alongside. Looking forward to D3 having played the living shit out of 1 and 2. Best be Frozen Orbs or there will be trouble. The LHC plays WoW as well and she used to play a lot of LOTRO, couldn't get into it myself so much, to many of the mechanics were hidden for my liking.
  5. There always seem to be that divide amongst MMO gamers, personally I am not interested in the detailled maths behind the graphics as long as I have enough information to make an informed decision, that suits me fine. One of the hot topics all over the Old Republic forums is the want / need for ingame damage meters and the like, personally I am totally against them.

    I gave WoW another try not long back (hadn't played since before WotLK and didn't like soem of the changes. The inclusion of threat metering and the like as part of the inherent UI was quite a game breaker for me. I have always thought it should be down to the player and their skill / ability to manage threat levels (it can be done without that much effort) not down to the game to quantify and display it as a numerical value.
  6. Me and the Missus play WoW. Cleared all raid content currently but cant be fagged with hard modes due to lack of intrest/Real Life issues.
  7. Im one of the korean grindfest ones currently playing world of tanks and dead frontier
  8. It was always there to an extent, even back to the KTM days in vanilla. I agree it's a divide that has, and always will, exist but it need not be mandatory to use certain addons if you choose not to. The LOTRO isolation of visible game mechanics from the player I can also understand and accept, it's just I found some things (such as the Threat system) completely bizarre and had no recourse to really try and work out what the hell was going on. I had no problem with the lack of damage meters.

    Edit: Can I add CircleMUD as an MMO I played back in the 90's? ;-)
  9. As a WoW glass-cannon (mage) I like having a threat meter, so if you get landed with a crappy tank who can't hold aggro, you can drop your dps BEFORE being chased around and smegged by angry beasties! :D
  10. "5 sunders, unleash hell!" as it used to be known.:D
  11. < Warwick LP Mud,Cheeseplants and Monochrome member. MMO's and chat programs before the WWW.
  12. ****, another Monospod pops up in the strangest place. ;-)
  13. Me and the Mrs both. :) PM'ed yah.
  14. Ive messed about and tried loads of them but quickly get bored with the grind unless I can find a good bunch of people to do it with. One of my first MMO's was Legend of Mir II (was in the european beta), played that for a few years, then moved on from there.

    I agree, add-ons should be optional :) The problem is, from what I have seen, the way which they are used by the majority of players. i.e. used as a means to harrass people (if their dps isn't with X of the max), as an excuse to kick people from groups etc. The problem I see is that having that information readily available (and yes there are those that use it as intended), just gives more tools to the idiots and unfortunately they are far more prevelant :(

    Have to agree that some of the aggro mechanics in LOTRO are a little 'bizarre'.

    Never really got into MUDs as I wasn't really familiar with them.

    Very true, they do have their uses I don't deny that. The problem I see with that scenario is that the crappy tank will not improve because you (and probably the rest of the group) compensate for his inability. If the tank really is that bad then the group should wipe because that is how they learn to do it better next time. Harsh?
  15. Not at all....if they won't take constructive critisism or advice...kick em I say! I just like the opportunity to 'disappear' rather than get battered, it saves repair costs :D

    That said, one of my add ons plays the theme from the A Team when I pop a particular buff! You've GOT to love spamming the dps to the theme from the A Team!! :)