So after military service what foods can you no longer stand?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Schaden, Sep 18, 2011.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Stewed tinned tomatoes

    Spam deep fried in batter

    Creamed sweetcorn

    Tinned beetroot

    Fecking Pronutro

    Dog Biscuits
  2. Bacon Grill.
  3. Screech (though still in).
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  4. ******* "roast meat" cut into slices then boiled in gravy.
    potatoes sliced thinly then covered in milk and cooked under a hotplate for 9 hours before a meal yet still never getting warm
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  5. Macoroni cheese

    Processed cheese

    Tinned sausages

    Spam fritters

    Warm powdered-milk on cereals
  6. Pilchards in tomato sauce (gag)
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  7. Fcuking crumble!!!!
  8. Custard, porridge, probably some others but those spring to mind. Does anyone remember sweet and sour pork made with cut up sausages dipped in batter instead of real pork?

    I like bacon grill.
  9. Bloody dreadful stuff. Instant indigestion.
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  10. My experience of a US Messhall in Bosnia was that after a month, despite a HUGE variety of "food" on offer, it all tasted the same. Even the Chilli was bland - and worse - sweet. By the 3 month point I was deliberately organising the job to ensure I was on another nations - any other nations - base for meals as often as possible. My favourite was the Norpol place at Doboj - superb seafood. The French/German/Italian base at Mostar was supposed to be so bad my oppo down there got cash money to buy food on the local economy.
  11. Frozen fishpaste sarnies. On one occasion they were so bad that we had a direct order to eat them.

    Oh and those Iranian Mars Bars covered in the dust of ages.
  12. US army cooks are told not even to add black pepper to mashed potatos (My roomate in barracks years ago was a Bn. Cook). It's left up to the individual to season to taste.

    Yakisoba is usually cooked up when the DFAC/Messhall/Chowhall runs out of funds or food. On Another note

    Hamburgers which arent consumed are ground up for Creamed Chipped Beef for the Breakfast, and if still not consumed, rinsed out and added to Spaghetti sauce or Chili for lunch/dinner.

    And the 1SG used to wonder why we were cooking poached deer in the barracks rooms on sterno stoves.
  13. Corned Beef Hash... Never again..
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  14. Anything produced by the Norwegian army; especially the Noggie Sushi