so after 22 years what does your regiment give you?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ugly, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Straight up here! A good mucker of mine stayed the course and picked up his silver Bugle at the Regimental reunion last year (wish I'd gone, will next year!) The REME have been moaning in their thread about naff all from Corps HQ so what will the new regiments bring to the ball? Does the RGJ do something similar? What about the new LI regiments?
    More to the point as the silver bugle will remain in the Van of the Rifles will that custom continue?
    Anyway what does the PWRR etc do, come on I'm sadly now curious!
  2. What do you get for 22 years in the Infantry?

    P R I D E.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I got piles and it didnt take 22 years to get them. It is a serious question about how your regiment not your mates mark your loyalty to the family! Not a p1ssing contest either just curious. I cant stand still long enough now for a shadow to form.
  4. Upon leaving the regt, officers in the 3shires LI, are presented with a rather smart paperweight, either a silver China dragon (DERR) or sphinx (Glosters). Not sure what happens in the Cpl's or WO/Sgt's mess. Will wait and see what will be done upon transforming from current nomenclature to Rifles.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    So nothing across the board regardless of rank on lasting the full 22?
    we used to whip round and present a bronze figure to most of the lads who completed their service regardless of length but the Regiment stumped for the lifers!
  6. Still waiting for my presentation from the mess (5 years), glad i paid my mess bills each month:(
    I think everyone that has been a member of any mess should receive a token of appreciation when they leave.
  7. Pride's great...but it doesn't pay the bills. I feel that many people often don't realise how devoted they are until they leave with no quals, having spent all their time working 'for the firm', getting mil quals, aiming for promotion then finally getting out. That big pewter figurine may look nice on the sideboard but I'd rather have six months off to get a job!

    I used to be the treasurer of the Lisburn Sgts Mess and we used to pay £1 a head. It was a big mess of just under 500 at the time, so that was quite a lot of dosh to get something nice. I also remember quite a few guys would get that dosh and go back supposedly to their Corps depot for discharge, then get commissioned or extended. Cheeky blighters.

  8. Bad knees and a fcuked back!

    Didn't get 'dined out' as RHQ decided that it was too expensive to treat the Redundees to supper in the Cav & Gds Club, despite my 10 years of subscriptions!

    Never mind, I've still got my gas mask - perhaps one day I'll nail it to a plinth.