So, 6 May it is then.......................

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FourZeroCharlie, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. ......General Election, that is.

    According to BBC and Nick Robinson it will be

    Apparently Ol' Woggle Eye has an appointment up at the Big House at the top of The Mall on Tuesday.

    Happy Hustings, everybody.
  2. And I'm so looking forward to polling day....
  3. "I've always known which party to vote for in the past, but this year I have no idea what to do.
    Sarah Brown seems very nice, committed to her husband, and does a lot for charity. But then I saw Samanatha's interview and see that today she is on WebCam being really normal in a glamorous I'm-on-camera kind of way. I thought she seemmed very appealing, positively fragrant, and well worth voting for.
    On the other hand, that Miriam Clegg seems very foxy in a sassy Spanish way that I find very appealing.
    So I have no idea who to vote for. Think I might go Lib Dem this time, but I need to check out the Ukip leader's wife."
  4. Can't + won't vote for any this side of the shuck,so another non-event for me,hope you lot over there do the right thing this time.
  5. [​IMG]
    Browns missus is a munter and you have to doubt anyone who'd let Brown heave and pant on top of her… so no vote for that one.

    Cleggs missus seems a bit too blokey, definately needs 5 pints worth of beer googles to be shaggable and she's a spick lawyer… so no vote for that one.

    Camerons missus seems well fit and is rather agreeable on the eye, no beer googles required and she has a good way with her tongue… So I vote for that one.
  6. There is no point in me voting - Hague always wins where I live.

    Mrs Dale Senior would have taken my proxy vote and gone for Lib Dem, if that matters. Only because she always had a thang for David Alton.

    I've said all this before though. Funny old thing.

    Oh, and Hackle, I do know how to vote from abroad, but as I said, no point. My village is happy.
  7. Only cos their idiot has left :D
  8. Durham, waste of time voting. If Gary Glitter put on a red rosette they'd vote for him. Feckin brainwashed all of 'em and it's not as if liebour do anything for them.
  9. The DL10 postcode has lots to give. I get my bins emptied and my neighbours look after me. That bloody traffic warden hasn't karked it yet though.

    The only job I would be good at when I get out, and the silly ninja won't die. How rude.
  10. No, dont sell yourself short, The Highways Agency is recruiting for Carrville and Barton, which is very close to DL10. Starting rate 24K ayear plus shift allowance at 20%.
  11. Barton smells of old people, I don't care if they do have 2 pubs. They are still poor.

    We don't allow parking in my Crayola Village unless we have a fete on at the Manor, and then we get letters asking if they may park.

    Where the flipping heck is Carrville? More poor people live there I spect. With whippets and stuff. How awful!!!!!!

    The people from Middleton Tyas would have a hoolie if they knew I knew someone poor.
  12. Its never a waste of time. If nothing else you knock one more vote off the current MP's majority
  13. In 2001 Gerry Steinberg (Labour) had a majority of 13,441, he stood down for the 2005 election and Labour parachuted Roberta Blackman-woods into a supposed safe seat.

    After a hard fought campaign she managed to get in with a majority of 3,274.

    So it is possible to get rid of the red rosette in Durham, unfortunately it would be to yellow.
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You may all start calling me Nostradamus. See here. :D
  15. That is quite spooky :\')