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Snugpak Tactical 3: £90

I have a Snugpak Tactical 3 sleeping bag, new and unused in its compression sack for £90. It's rated down to -7 and -10C and is tall enough for anyone up to about 6'8" or so. It's also light at 1.7kg. If you're in the London area I'm happy to deliver by hand or meet somewhere if you'd like to avoid postage charges.

This is all the bumf from the website:

This is one of our most sought after sleeping bag ranges, using state of the art fabrics to keep you dry, comfortable and warm. It combines an antibacterial, water resistant Paratex Steelplate outer coating with a luxurious TS1™ (Thermal Suede) lining, and Reflectatherm fabric which is designed to reflect heat and retain warmth.

The clever construction of the fabrics ensures that any water from the body will be moved to the outside of the bag, and can also add at least 15% additional warmth by reflecting body heat. The outstanding quality and craftsmanship of our UK based production personnel can be seen in our Tactical Series range of sleeping bags.

A little warmer and a touch heavier than the Tactical 2, this three season sleeping bag is exceptionally versatile and ideal to use in most conditions. The inclusion of a jumbo neck baffle in this model adds to comfort and performance, preventing draughts from disturbing a good night’s sleep.

The Zipper compartment in the hood of the bag opens to a pillow pocket, designed to accommodate the Snuggy Headrest pillow or some clothing in its place to act as a pillow. - See more at: Tactical 3


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