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Snugpak Softie 3 Merlin Doss Bag

Anyone got one of these? Looking for a lightweight doss bag and this one keeps cropping up on searches.
It say's it's 900g but how small does it pack down to? Looking to fit it in a small running day sack along with other small bits of gumf.
The only people I know of who've used a softy 3 spent the night shivering, for a summer dossbag in the UK I wouldn't go lighter than a softy 6.
The only people I know of who've used a softy 3 spent the night shivering, for a summer dossbag in the UK I wouldn't go lighter than a softy 6.
Hmmm...cheers for that mate, some of the reviews I've read said that it was ok to 0 degree C. I'll be using whichever one I get in a Terra Nova Moonlite Bivi Bag (which is also super small and light) and maybe a Terra Nova Laser Competion tent though the tent is an item I may ditch. I'm trying to keep my kit down to approx 10lb.


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I use the softie Elite2, it compresses down to about 11x7 inches. I have used it in all seasons with no issues, the only time i was cold in it was when in my bivvy bad and it was at -4 deg in 6 inches of snow. The temperature ratings snugpak use are for sleeping inside a tent out of the wind..
Also bear in mind anything in their range with the word Elite in the title is China made therefore cheaper than the exact same product made in their yorkshire factory.
JD with that sort of weight limit you're going to struggle to get anything comfortable at 0 degrees. I've got a Mountain Equipment dossbag that has an extreme temperature rating of 0 degrees, that I've used at below -5 with a bivvy bag. I was gibbers but didn't go down with a cold injury. I did have to wear my warm kit too though.

There is to a big difference between a comfort and an extreme rating with these things, I would definitely use a rollmat though, as insulation from the ground makes a hell of a difference.
Cheers for the info chaps, the problem I've got is that I'm trying to keep it as low weight as possible due to lugging it all over 50 miles of the Lake District.
I don't need the doss bag for the race but more for my training sesh's when I'll more than likely be kipping on the hills.
Not seen the definitive kit list yet but it's something along the lines of:
GoreTex Full cover (Jacket and Trousers)
First Aid Kit
Head Torch
Spare Base Layer
Scoff and water
Bivvi Bag

There's probably a bit more but the list isn't out yet, oh and a map and compass!!

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