Snugpak sleeping bag- Any help welcome...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by stab_spr, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. Appoligise if this has already been asked but need some advice on sleeping bags...
    Am looking to purchase a new sleeping bag (old one was cheap and cheerfull) and am inclined to buy a softie by Snugpak. I have seen many people use them and have been recomended to buy the Softie 3. After looking at product info etc etc it seems fine for summer and spring but may be a lil cold in winter! After looking around I've found the new "Special forces combo" very favourable in my eyes as it's 2 bags in 1... Has anyone used this bag or has any experiance with the Softie 3 or Sf combo by Snugpak and also yhe cheapest place to get it from???Thanks in advance...
  2. dont buy a softie 3 if you are using it outdoors you will freeze softie6
    or 9 depending how you feel the cold . The combo bag is very good
    the army wants to issuse it but of course no budget .Doubt scrap trident
    as woody wants a new doss bag will go down well :D .
  3. I have a hawk 9 very toastie it is as well and well worth the money have a look around as prices can vary
  4. I took a softie 3 on salisbury plain in the summer and was fcuking gibbering. Dont get it for outdoors! I went back to the bouncing bomb after that.
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    9 is a good allrounder, does well for the majority for the year and packs small. I use a 12 for winter periods and add clothes, cotton, silk and blankets in that order dependant on temp and availability of tentage!
  6. Tried sleeping in a Softy 3 near the back doors of a C-5 wearing a north face nuptse 700, still f&*in gibbering.
  7. The '3' is only good for warm weather and masochists, I took one to Kenya and it wasn't warm enough some nights (especially in NSG Camp). It's OK to use in UK with a softy jacket on, except in the depths of winter.

    Get the softy bags with the 'burst-open' centre zips, how will you get out of the bag in a hurry when you're wrapped in blankets/liners.

    I've slept in one of these at minus 20 C with a Rab jacket on inside the bag, I had the thinner '3' with me as well but didn't need it.

    Don't bother buying the thing that zips the bags together, it's not needed.

    Ray Mears online shop also sells Nanok bags with centre-zips.

    The military issue Nanok bags are the ones with zips down both sides - not really necessary and it adds weight to the bag.

    My advice is to buy the centre-zip softy bags and you'll be sorted for all temp's/altitudes.
  8. A Softie 6 sleeping bag has the same thermal protection as the softie jackets.
    I tend to feel the cold a lot so I use a 9 for most of the year and a 12 for the coldest months.
  9. I use a Softie 6 with a variety of different liners depending on the conditions expected.
  10. I've got a softie 12, which is too warm for normal use imo! I've used it at Sennybridge & Caerwent & have wooken up with the outside soaking wet but the inside stone dry. think I sweated my b#ll## off in the night but the bag wicked the sweat away superbly. & this was in feb/mar/apr time.
    packs down very small for the warmth value.
    with hindsight think I'd have gone for a softie 9 for colder weather use - the 12 is a bit too warm.

    the issue jungle bag is great for warm weather use, cheap & packs to the size of a walnut (or there abouts) !

    this a double topic post me thinks.......... :?
  11. Define 'normal' use, you'd be cold at minus 20 C in a softie 12, have you ever been outside of UK you Crow ?

    Seasons, altitude, transit via different countries - differing temperatures means that there is no 'perfect' or 'best' doss-bag. Choose the one most suited to the typical/average minimum temperature you will encounter.

    For modern soldiering, the only solution is a two-bag combination, the one offered by Snugpak is an excellent example.
  12. I've been using the Snugpak 2 bags in 1 combination for about 18 months. Really pleased with its performance in all climates from Norway (-20), summer and winter Iraq (-4) to Belize.

    I've binned the joining zip thingy as it dosent make that much difference.

    The reinforced pannel in the bottom of the bag is a good idea as i trashed a softy 6 while wearing boots in the bag.

    A good idea, but really rubbish name that needs to be cut off as soon as physically possible.

    You can achieve the same results with the issue lightwieght doss bag and a well used bouncing bomb.

    Yank Poncho liner with big jaggey zip sewn round the edge is pretty damn good too.
  13. As a by thought there was an article in trial mag some time ago were it had noticed a loss of performace in fibre filled bags due to them being compressed all the time some bags had lost up to 40% just between the factory (China) and the shop causing flat spots in the fibre etc. The recomendation was to keep the bag out of the compresson sack and store it flat under the bed or similar
  14. Go for the softie 9 mate. And if you still cold in the winter months buy a softie doss bag liner. A spot on bit of kit.

    Doss bag liner

  15. You're a bit of a shotgun poster arnt you,

    Can you fill any more threads with repeated questions?

    Stupid Boy