Snugpak sleeping bag- Any help welcome...


Appoligise if this has already been asked but need some advice on sleeping bags...
Am looking to purchase a new sleeping bag (old one was cheap and cheerfull) and am inclined to buy a softie by Snugpak. I have seen many people use them and have been recomended to buy the Softie 3. After looking at product info etc etc it seems fine for summer and spring but may be a lil cold in winter! After looking around I've found the new "Special forces combo" very favourable in my eyes as it's 2 bags in 1... Has anyone used this bag or has any experiance with the Softie 3 or Sf combo by Snugpak and also yhe cheapest place to get it from???Thanks in advance...


I use a Softie 3 which can be cold but with a liner and bivi bag I've always been ok in the UK with it even when in just boxers/T-shirt.

That said, in hindsight I would have gone for the Softie 6/9.


On adv training I use a softie 12 for 'normal' use and a softie 6 in the hotter weather. Have even put the 6 into the 12 for added warmth! And they pack down nicely too.

Use the issue bag on ex, which is pretty good, but bloody hot in the warmer weather. (easier to replace if you wreck it too....)


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I've got a softie 12, which is too warm for normal use imo! I've used it at Sennybridge & Caerwent & have wooken up with the outside soaking wet but the inside stone dry. think I sweated my b#ll## off in the night but the bag wicked the sweat away superbly. & this was in feb/mar/apr time.
packs down very small for the warmth value.
with hindsight think I'd have gone for a softie 9 for colder weather use - the 12 is a bit too warm.

the issue jungle bag is great for warm weather use, cheap & packs to the size of a walnut (or there abouts) ! :)


Been using a Softie Elite 4 (Rated -10 C)

Overall, nice warm bag, only problem is side mounted zip, would much rather have it center top as per the sf combo ones. Zipper size is quite small meanin ive had it catch on the little zip cover a few times, lockin the zip partway down. Not a good thing should you need to get out of it in a hurry.

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