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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by thecoops, Oct 8, 2011.

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  1. It's getting colder and I reckon it's gonna' be a very cold winter so I'm thinking of getting a snugpak sasquatch. First are they any good second where is the cheapest place to get one. As I'm a stab I'm thinking of a black one so I can where it down the pub.
  2. Tin of petrol and swan vestas is cheaper.

    Yes they are good, even come in camofladge colours. However you see your RSM cutting about in a Nupste jacket, pause and ponder.

    They can fill half a rocket pouch if you use a decent dry bag to crush it down. The hood is worth its weight nothing like warm ears to assist you in falling asleep on stag.
  3. Yeah I saw you can get it in multicam for an extra tenner now could I get away with it down the pub ?
  4. Rab jackets are what the cool kids with too much money are wearing these days apparently.
  5. Yeah rab are good too but can be bugger to look after the down
  6. They are huge. Go down a size. I am normally a L/XL and I could fit a bus load of nurses in my L. Wish I had got a M now.
  7. Get a Mountain Equipment Duvet. Annapurna or Lightline. Much better than RAB. They don't shed down through every seam!
  8. Funny how no one has mention any of Buffalos heavier jackets.
  9. Unfortunately as cool as down is its too wet 90% of the time in this country. Primaloft is best in this country in my experience (I use both personally). I love my keela belay jacket which can be had for like £40ish for a 133gsm primaloft filled jacket that can be squished into a side pouch of a NIdaysack!
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  10. Forgot about the pile/pertex option! Not very compressible though. Field and trek had the montane extreme smock for £50 recently.
  11. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Definately agree with that. Go down a size. Get the black.
    It was worth it's weight when it was -17 and I had a fleece on underneath and everyone else was wrapped up like the Michelin man
  12. I got one for working in Siberia, bought the biggest they had, I was 18 stone and 6'4 and normally have to buy everything xxl

    But it was ******* huge and therefore not mega efficient at keeping me warm...

    Top tip, try it on before you buy one, they are on the large sze
  13. Top tip, read all the answers before giving the same advice as every other ****** LOL
  14. This_Tribe_Rob

    This_Tribe_Rob Sponsor

    Spot on IMHO. A widely accepted disadvantage of down, no matter what flavour / treatment, is that it is not very effective when wet. For a general purpose military duvet jacket that makes the choice of down or synthetic easy. Synthetic fills have their disadvantages too, but not as 'killer' as that one for military use.
  15. as annoying as that downfall is, the sasquatch is still an ace bit of kit, so toasty inside!
    though again I'll echo the buy a size smaller comments, wish this thread had existed prior to me getting mine!