snugpak rocketpack

I bought one to take out to the gulf...

Not a bad bit of kit, proabably a bit big for an everyday daysack, and I find some of the straps and cord a bit annoying.
Its good that you can zip on issue side pouches, so you get something like a 'mini' bergen.
Material is quite rugged, and the built in covers (sand and DPM) are handy when you need a bit extra protection from the elements.
Brought one in a hurry last year . The side pouches are a great idea
it has two lid pockets internal pouch for water bladder .net pockets on the
sides which are covered by zip on side pouches .compersion straps that support the side pockets and two rain covers dpm &desert .chest strap and
waist belt . Very well made fiddly at times it is large so tempting to pack too much but ideal daysac in my opinon .
I've owned one for the last 2 years and it's not been a bad sack at all - depends what you want to do with it though; do you want it for:

General stuff around camp/FTX, like taking your sports kit to and from work?

An 'away day/emergency' bag to throw into the LR or WR instead of your full size bergan?

Proper patrolling over distance?

I did the Bataan March in the States with one in '04 and did find a couple of shortcomings. Although the internal aluminium frame is good, the actual sack itself tends to have no rigidity and flop around if loaded heavily, so can be a bit unstable when you get tired. Also, being tall, the hip belt tended to fasten around my ribs rather than my waist - again uncomfortable. The fact that it takes a Camelbak internally is a bonus.

The side pouches are pretty good, as is the double rain/dust cover. Otherwise, I echo what the other posters have said - not a bad mini bergan, but compare it to others before you buy. Have you tried the issue patrol pack?

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