Snugpak or Nanok?

I know this has probably all ready been discussed, but what do people think?
I was on the range this weeked and only had my issue fleece , it was farkin cold, so I`m looking to invest in one or the other :?
After reading the "Snugpak vs. Buffalo" thread i invested in a Snugpak shirt just before christmas. It's brilliant, like wearing a sleping bag, and on one weekend ex when a few of the company nearly went down with hypothermia, I was considering removing it as i was getting too hot, just sitting down.

I'd reccommend Snigpak, but have no experience with Nanok.
My opinion is the same as Operator's.

I bought a Softie Shirt a while ago and have never regretted it!

I preferred its functionality over the normal Softie jackets.

I have no experience with Nanok, but consider a Montane Exteme Smock. You can get them in Olive and they are very similar to the Softie shirt.
The Montane is asuperb piece of kit. Used mine in anger this weekend, on its own under a smock, and was warm a toast even sat in the CP on stag with snow coming down.
I would buy a buffalo type shirt. No need to buy a softie jacket as they are issued now in a stunning shade of green with a sort of sandy colour on the reversible side, plus matching trousers.

You could always try the obvious:
Arktis make the "Bison" and the SWAT Shirt - very good bit of kit as well. (But you do pay for it!!!)

But whats wrong with the issue fleece.............................................

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