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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by KnifeFightingMonkey, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. I have just 'acquired' one of those Snugpak jungle sleeping bags. Has anyone got any experience of using them other than in the jungle. It is quite small and light but I would be worried about using it for exercises etc.

    Any ideas????
  2. I used one when walking about in UK 'up' bits. They worked for me so long as it did not get too cold. Countering this with extra clothing not too bright owing to limited space. With that limitation - ideal in all other things one wants from a bag.
  3. OldRedCap - Cheers

    Ref the extra clothing I was thinking of using it with a thermal liner, just in case. I will take it away and try it.

    Thanks for the gen :D
  4. if its the snugpack 3 merlin the one that packs tiny like ok in summer
    but otherwise you frezze.Know several blokes who raved about the ability
    to pack up tiny but the swore about frezzing at night
  5. Got a softie 6 and very recently spent an exceptionally cold night on Salisbury Plain (Bare in mind that water was freezing solid in the our WB's and the you had to crack ice of the cap of the jerry can to get into it). But it is normally warm enough with a bivvy bag over the top and a thermarest underneath!


  6. It'll be fine, christsake I spent a night in December asleep on the deck of someones boat in the Medway, only wearing a DJ (after a very good party) - mind you, I was slaughtered - alcohol acts as antifreeze apparently...

    BTW I didn't know whoever owned the boat, just found somewhere to kip :oops:
  7. The jungle sleeping bags are what they say on the tin jungles or other hot humid theatres using one on Salisbury plain is a good way to get frostbite
  8. If its the same "jungle" bag i was issued then it is in no way a "softie3". I own both a snugpack softie 3 and 9.
    The softie version is far superior to this issued copy of a snugpack, although both are still sub standard for anything but the best UK summer use or as it says "jungle".
    Saying this one must also take into account personal preference, i do feel the cold but others may not.

    Just my two penneth.
  9. softie 9 is good for brecon in any ocassion even good for living in the farms without space heaters
  10. A softy 6 has the same insulation as the softy jackets. To be warm enough for a winter's night you will need a 9 min or if you want to toasty in any conditions a 12. It does take more room but I have never been cold.
  11. i have a softie 9 and froze last\weekend so depends on how much you feel the cold a bloke was comfortable in a issuse jungle bag but then he is fat
    and others were cold in issuse bag
  12. Had a softie 9 for Telic training, didn't find it all that good, however, bought a softie liner whilst in the NAAFI at SLB !!! and now i'm back it's kept me warm every time i've used it.
  13. I used softie 9 (hawk) in the sandpit March 03 onwards, and it was perfect even in a bloody cold desert in march. If it gets too cold, stick on another layer.
  14. What about the Arktis Halo sleeping bags? Anybody used these?
  15. Best bit of kit you can buy to go with the Softie 3 is a silk sleeping bag liner. Packs down smaller than your fist and weighs sweet F.A.

    Used it in conjunction with an Arctic bag somewhere really feckin cold (-30 etc.) and I was comfortable. Everytime i've used the silk liner i've been either warm or comfortable. Everytime i've left it behind i've been cold and miserable.