Snugpak Kit Monster

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by chocolate_frog, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. I have one. It's a decent size and the straps are pretty good, although I've not yet really tested it out with a full load.
    The internal pockets are capacious enough, but any space is at the expense of space in the main compartment, which can make it tricky to take stuff out of the internal pockets if the main compartment is full.

    The lid is one large mesh pocket, and each end is a pocket. All are fastened with zips. there is also an external pocket in the side, which is zip fastened. Again, as this is part of the main bag so a full main compartment would make it tricky to get stuff in and out.

    The number of straps and handles makes it easy to lug about but you might want to take them off or strap them up to stop them catching on things when stowed somewhere.
  2. what are the internal pockets like?

    are we talking a couple of long ones down each side, or smaller ones?
  3. There is one internal pocket at each end of the bag, and the underside of the lid is another. The bag is roughly cylindrical so the pockets are on the circular ends. The lid runs down the length of the cylinder, on the curved surface, and the inside of that is a rectangular mesh pocket.

    On the outside is a small rectangular pocket on the curved surface in between the two sides of the carry handles, so it's about 8" across.

    All the pockets are part of the main bag, so if that's full then you can't get anything into the pockets.
  4. Issue black deployment bag ? or not big enough ?
  5. Not to mention it breaks at the first sign of weight!
  6. Mountain Equipment version of North Face bag, cheap at Cotswolds Outdoors.
  7. Snugpak Monster is pretty impressive and affordable,been using mine for a while.

    However Millets are actually doing some good stuff at the moment.....just bought a new kitbag only yesterday.Made from the same rubberized canvas as Ortlieb stuff,shedload of straps and handles all over it and about 120 litres....cost £29 in sale.

    Only has 1 big internal pocket though unlike the monster which has about a dozen of the things,and the monster can be made into a type of parabag/rucksack.
  8. I picked up a carp fishing bag at a boot sale a little while back and it's the business! Big internal space with several pockets inside, loads of pouches outside and a nice big, heavily padded shoulder strap.