Snugpack rucksacks/bergens

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cardinal, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. I am looking for a bergen for my son to use at cadets. He has been using my old Berhaus Roc but wants something different. I was considering either a PLCE infantry bergen or a Webtex (he is a cadet after all).

    However Snugpack do some moderate to large size bergens which might be a better alternative.

    Has anyone used Snugpack daysacks and bergens?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Yes, I use the Stamina. I had a few dramas with it to begin with, as it is not very robust (weight sags at the bottom over the padding unless it's packed right), but now I like it for the mini-bergen qualities it has - it can expand and hold an awful lot of kit.

    Unless he's going to be running around with a cadet version 352 on his back, it's not a bad daysack at all.
  3. I've got a snugpack daysack (Sleeka 35L). It sits quite high, which is good for me cos it can go over webbing. Might be good for small backed ankle bitters too.
    My only criticism is the side pockets, they close with a draw string and an elasticated cover, which just doesn't feel secure. I've never actually seen anything fall out of them but I certainly wouldn't trust them with anything smaller than a water bottle.
    General build quality seems great though and I've done plenty of running with it and throwing it around.
  4. Got a snugpac rocket pac good build quality with the side pouches its nearly 70l 2 waterproof covers desert tan and dpm .Definatly big enough to use for a weekend easily carry 25kg plus with as much comfort as a that sort of wieght
    can ever be.fits high up so probably better for the smaller guy and fits on top of webbing nicely.
  5. seconded, plus by a yoke for another tenner and the two side pouches come off and you have a 20 ltr daysack.