Snugpack bergans

Just wondering, how good are these bergans. Can they hold a lot, are they good enough to replace using the issue inf bergan, and most importantly, whats the quality of build like?

Cheers all,


Got a rocket pack off them its well built and has taken a lot of abuse.So presume the bergans much the same .PLCE is free and easy to exchange
Is IRR important to you? Don't imagine that all civvy green (or dpm) gear has the correct IRR signature. I don't know whether this is the case with snugpack.


Kit Reviewer
They are not IRR at all. But nice and comfy!

Also, Ray Mears uses them a lot - if that's your bag.
Berghaus used to be the business but like Karrimor I understand they're now made in China.
Berghaus kit was always over-rated anyway (apart from the Munro, obviously)

Most of the world's new products are coming out of China, it doesn't mean it's poor quality.


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Ah, well every time ive seen a photo of him doing something it's nearly almost with a snugpack!

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