Snugpac pile shirt

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by woody, Aug 11, 2006.

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  1. Anyone use one of these ?As the zip bust on my army version of the softie
    week after a mate said he could exchange it for a new one :x .Local outdoor shop has these and ordinary softies not sure which to buy .Or i could just find my issuse fleece .
  2. Not got a snugpak but got one made by Montane been designed for climbers and has some reinforced areas in elbows better than the buffalo I've also got should gcost around £70 if you look around proper tostie as well, failing that tried taking it to a shop that does alterations might be able to put on a new zip
  3. Montane is excellent kit.
  4. go for a buffalo shirt......nothing better
  5. Try the Montane Jacket Buy the Duality smock for £5 less than RRP and get a freee featherlite smock normally £32.50, both the absolute boll cks. The when wearing the duality smock I never get hot nor cold, weird! The featherlite smock is just a thin windproof layer and does pack down smaller than the add shows, smaller than a tennis ball!
  6. Snugpaks fleece shirt is a bit thick. They do a version made up of the same material as a softie jacket that is thinner.
  7. I have a Vanguard 'mountain shirt' had it about a year, top bit of kit!!!
  8. i bought a Nanok cracking bit of kit you ge the jacket, trousers, hood, and sleeping bag socks plus stuff sacks for 50 quid brand new.

  9. I bought my pile shirt off BAXTERS OF YARM for £50 which was top notch ov the best bits of kit ive bought, it is a little bit thick, but on them cold nights doin stag well worth it, another option is the softie, looks alot thinner but not sure if its as warm.
  10. I have a snug pac fibre pile shirt , got it from John Bull 5 years ago and
    i swear by it , great for stag, OP's etc but of course its no good for on the move . I would recommend it .Only down side is its not as good as a softie
    jacket when its wet .
  11. true .....but shudnt one b wearin a goretex wen the heavens open?
  12. Yes you should , but at times in your military career you will be soaked to
    the skin , sometimes you will be on stag will your softie under your
    smock and it rains , you kit doesnt get dry because you get bugged out ,and the same thing happens the following night .No matter how
    good your personal admin is , at times you will get wet and cold . Sorry
    not wanting to sound a kn ob .
  13. no i no on that score, you been to hudswell grange on catterick trng area? well the place pisses down in the summer, we went there in november, beein the switched on cookie my OC is, anyway goretex jacket on, feckin trousers soacked to the skin, they wer 95's but did they feck dry, regaurdless, think all snugpak kit is top notch fella
  14. I think this is the same version of the snugpak i have (black coloured inner).............The dogs danglies, was cutting around in Poland with a smelly hansen base layer, the snugpak on top then smock over that..................Was like a mobile radiator. Mmmmmm toasty :D
  15. yea i get the gist, they say its best worn against the skin but i prefer my Berghaus base layer, bit expensive but worth it, toasty warm defo!