Snuff movies? Balls.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Never seen one meself, but they do exist. I'm an amateur artuer and would like to do one of these snuff movies meself.Any casting suggestions, and of course stage directions as I'm a bit slow on them too. In advance, Scrofularino Tarantino.
  2. I'd pay to see one starring Mandy and Gordo :twisted:
  3. How about one involving the 2 terrorists in the Cabinet from 'norn Iron', seems they were quite happy to murder in their time......
  4. Taking part in too many snuff movies will be the death of you........ :wink:

    5 minutes there and you'll no longer be a snuff virgin.

    really really NSFW however.
  6. A Broonie Hoonie movie. Who would kill who, knowing that the audience was not serving cops, but serving greenies. Fear in the eyes of the kind of thieves th make dole scroungers look into themselves and say they we'e sorry for not making banks bigger. Shit, I was just off making aq film then.......aah just bring your chavs to me, I can use them in an educational film
  7. I hear they've become even more popular since the smoking ban. You can at least do it indoors.
  8. Too much brown stuff....I quit for tonight. Smart As....from a previous thread, you are smarter than, on some things. I rest, this industrial rum has hoit the spoert.......
  9. Well they have done hardcore S&M together so why not snuff?

    At least it would get a cheer at the end.