SNP member chops off - plays class card.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by buttonsin3s, Dec 10, 2009.

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  1. "Class" and "Scotland" in the same sentence.An oxymoron surely?
  2. What a bunch of spackers. Which planet is he from-the army isn't a grooming agency for paedos. They don't 'lure' anybody anywhere.
  3. SNP = Stupid Nutty Politicians & I am Scottish - like most politicians they are a waste of space IMO
  4. Damn you, sir - I was going to do 'class' and 'SNP'

    Retires muttering

  5. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Misleading thread title. One MSP, notorious for running off at the mouth, makes a crass remark. SNP Minister disagrees entirely.
  6. No matter who, no matter what party, the whips should be keeping members in line. Salmond should have had the balls to make it a non storey.
  7. As has been said: 'Scotland' and 'Class' in the same purlieu!

    'Class' in Scotland is so obvious in so many ways, that any politician (such as the oaf running UK) attempting to acquire votes by playing the 'class card' will be pissing into his sporran.

    Scotland's 'class' does not need describing or detailing by a Welshman, but neither does it constitute part of the authentic political 'debate'.

    Scotland IS 'class', but there are unthinking and sadly disadvantaged elements of the franchised population who will vote politically for an outdated model of political staleness and inefficiency - I mean that they will vote for the the Labour Party!

    Vote SNP you 'Jocks', but think how your vote will affect the outcome in your constituency.

    PS: I apologise for interferring in another country's politics - but my country is interferred with by 'Sweaties':

    BLAIR; BROWN; DARLING and practically every awful twat currently running the 'effing country!!!!!!
  8. edited for being a purile comment.
  9. 'London labour'?

    Time to call time on this farce, and scrap these regional assemblies... Back to the banks of the Thames.
  10. I agree.
  11. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Yeah! Sod these referendums where a majority vote for something! Dismantle the parliament because some blokes on the internet disagree with the democratic process!

    Jesus wept.
  12. Not at all, the Scottish people would still be represented, and there could be a purely Scottish group within the MPs..... they just wouldn't be housed in a building that went 4 times over budget (nearly £500 million), and ten times over initial plans to use an existing building.

    Nor would it cost to have, essentially two places of work for the MPs.

    Or perhaps in the interests of fairness we should build the English Assembly for another £500 million.

    Maybe we could really devolve, with a Cornwall Assembly also, maybe Yorkshire, Lancastrian and a Mercian Assemblies? Really devolve in the truest sense of the word.
  13. Just actually read the original story - it's Christine Grahame FFS, a real waste of skin even by the standard of Wee Eck's Tartan Tw@s:

    From Wiki

    Grahame is a supporter of Republic, a campaign to replace the British Monarchy with an elected head of state.[2] In July 2009, Grahame snubbed Her Majesty the Queen by checking her e-mails rather than attending the royal speech at Holyrood to mark the tenth anniversary of Scottish devolution. The move drew critical comment from bloggers as well as from other MSPs, with Lord Foulkes remarking "She has a particular axe to grind here. [...] this is boring for Scotland — she just goes on and on." Former Presiding Officer George Reid described the absence as "sad".

    However, on the BBC Radio Good Morning Scotland programme, she said: "I'm earning and working for my constituents far more than if I sit hypocritically in the chamber watching a monarch for an institution I do not support." [3]


  14. Quick check shows she deserves impaled by a halberd.

    Better still send her to Dreghorn, let all the wives of 1 Scots ask her about why she should leave with her skin intact.
    I can respect pacifists, I cannot respect this creature.