SNP draws up plans for an independent Scottish armed forces...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bingobongo, Dec 7, 2011.

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  1. Not what I was expecting to find when I was reading this article on Scotland's future plans after independence.

    Bye, bye England? SNP plans closer Scandinavian ties after independence - UK Politics - UK - The Independent

    Is it just Salmond up to his usual (and sometimes, I think, a touch fanciful) promise making or could/ would an independent Scotland actually be able to claim elements of the British army as their own as well as taking ownership of Naval/ RAF bases? Apparently they "expect to be given" the Royal Regiment of Scotland. Sounds a bit grand to me but there are far more advanced minds than me on arrse so perhaps someone could shed some light on this. Can Salmond simply demand to be given elements of the British armed forces?
  2. I think it's already been done! I refer you to my post on the LoF thread.
  3. Every soldier swore their oath to the Queen, not to that tub of lard. They'd have to be released from their oath, and then have to swear a new one. This is ignoring the logistics involved with procuring uniforms, vehicles, weapons, barracks, and all the other minutiae that the SNP will have ignored.

    Or was this just another nationalist soundbite?

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  4. He can have all the regimental names he likes, how many people will want to serve in such a small outfit in which a career is impossible would remain to be seen.
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  5. There are more advanced minds than yours on the back seat of a Variety Club mini-bus.
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  6. By jove Trigger, I think you may be on to something.
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  7. Well, thank **** that's settled then.
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  8. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    They can have the Jock regiments, minus of course all the equipment which HM owns and all the Fijians serving within, which she also owns.

    So basically they will have an unequipped handfull of pissed up Glaswegians.

    Saves making good Englishmen redundant in the next tranche of cutbacks.

    They can have the Welsh if they want too.
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  9. it'd be easy enough to do with equipment etc as they would be entitled to a % but any manpower would need to volunteer, similar to partition.

    i think they'd rather have the £ (or $ or whatever they'd be using) as they'd probably end up with a bigger armed forces than they required.
  10. Why would a new oath have to be sworn? The Queen will remain our sovereign.
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  11. An excellent idea to forge closer ties with the Scandinavian Nations. We could see joint Scots - Norwegian/Swedish/Danish ships crews going a-Viking to England and the rest of Europe. Lots of raping, pillaging and burning(vital to remember the correct order:oops:)and the Church of Scotland reformed as the Church of Thor.:viking:

    Back in the real world; Salmond's a politician. I'm surprised he has'nt promised a cure for Cancer, unlimited free alcohol, Scotland winning both the Rugby and Wendyball World Cups and the Roslin Institute turned over to producing cloned love-slaves of Scarlett Johansson and Brad Pitt...:roll:
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  12. No such thing. They're all a bunch of *****.
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  13. Don't forget all their Surrey Highlander officers.

    Any Scot who wants a serious military career won't join a tiny defence force, their only real option is our armed forces or the legion.
  14. Full of miserable old ex RAOC blanket stacking ***** who have a hissy fit if you sit in "thier" seat. Id stick with the British Army if i were a thrusting young Jock warrior
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  15. Its actually about time the SNP started looking at the mechanics of full independence, particularly Defence where previously they've been very elusive when asked.

    I think they really need to look at the structure of their armed forces after they've looked at where they locate them though as current plans may scupper their air-force and Faslane may not be equipped to manage or house a surface fleet. The article doesn't mention logistics, artillery etc etc so I'm not sure if they understand what it is they're taking on!

    I still find it difficult to understand how a fully independent Scotland will support its civil service, NHS or provide for the sick, lame and un-employed as the taxes raised by a Scottish population are unlikely to cover its outgoings!
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