SNP councillor Jahangir Hanif takes family to fire AK47s

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RABC, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. Smart move

  2. Is this not part of the National curriculum? It is in London
  3. What is it with these power-hungry people who believe they are above sensible behaviour? Words fail me.

    Mind you, if he hadn't been getting divorced from his missus, we would never have known. Sleeper?
  4. Whats wrong with shooting an AK 47 ? we have all done it.
  5. You would think in these current times he would have been a little more circumspect about going to Pakistan and firing AK's with his family. Dirka Dirka JIhad Mohammed, anyone?
  6. As part of our job.......
  7. Because some boring twat buried one in the mud, then dug it up to show us how it would still fire and how it was a simple but effective weapon, blah blah

    Funnily enough this happens on every foreign weapon stand, this country must be full of buried AK47s
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    FFS - he went on a holiday, and the family fired AK's - good clean fun if you can get it.

    Personally, I don't see the problem.

    Edited to add: As pointed out below: He campaigns against violent crime in HIS constituency, he doesn't own a weapon, and he DOESN'T campaign against violence in Pakistan.
  9. Apart from the fact that this took place 2 and a half years ago? I'm sorry, it's not a story. Such behaviour is almost normal in Pakistan, I'm sure someone can dig up a nice story about gunsmiths making copies of everything they can in parts of Pakistan, or buying said guns in a market, or driving around parts of the country and seeing lost of people carrying said weapons.

    And it is possible to campaign against violent crime whilst popping home on Holiday and letting rip with a mag or two on an AK. The man's NOT campaigning against guns, nor did he take part in a fire fight with the police...
  10. If I went out to the US, and someone offered me the chance of a cabby on an M4, you can guarantee I would. That doesn't make me rabid poodle on the leash of the Yankee imperialists. Gun ownership levels are probably comparable too. Now if he was test firing somewhere in a Scottish wood - then I would be more concerned.

    Incidentally, I've just finished reading AK47 by Michael Hodges - very good book.
  11. many SNP councillors with an Irish Catholic background are there, BTW?
  12. Aside from the issue that he attended a "training camp" I agree, nothing wrong with it, in the context of firing some rounds in a country where its legal.

    Personally, I think he's on the wrong side of the rifle and when the glorious English revolution comes and we return to take back what's rightfully ours from the SNP he can see as much rifle fire as he likes, mostly from me. Christ I hate the SNP.
  13. From the Daily Record.

    A COUNCILLOR who owns a property in one of the worst streets in Glasgow denied yesterday that he was a slum landlord.

    The SNP's Jahangir Hanif rents out a two-bedroomed flat to a family of Romanians in Westmoreland Street which is considered so bad that locals have nicknamed it "Ground Zero".

    Last week, at a residents' meeting, Hanif promised to bring Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to the street to show her how bad it is.

    He didn't mention he owned a flat there.

    But last night, Hanif said that was only because he wasn't given enough time to raise it.

    He added: "I would have told Nicola Sturgeon I owned a flat there if she was coming to the street but I am not a slum landlord."

    Yesterday, we told that Hanif's flat is clean and basic but sits at the top of floor of a close which is in a disgusting state of repair.

    Last night, he said: "I think that building could do with a lot of repairs. It's not a slum in 100 per cent sense.

    "It is a bad property, they all are in the street. I have tried to put the street at the top of the political agenda.

    "Although I own a flat there, I am not in control of this building."

  14. I think he should be investigated for terrorist links, it all sounds a bit like he has been courting dubious groups. The thing is with a lot of these pakistanis, not all, is that they have no loyalty to this country. Give them half the chance and they would form a muslim state within the queens realm. His behaviour sounds far more dangerous than just an innocent shooting jaunt with his kids; the authorities should take a better look at this particular individual!
  15. Given he's a councillor, should he have been looked at already?