SNP Activist - Dead British Soldiers are a bunch of child killers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Arai, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. Seen it elsewhere there goes my support for the SNP
  2. Utter cock

    Seconded. How many Scots have made the final sacrifice? More than this twat can count, that's for sure. The thing is, if he wasn't posting utter shite on the internet, he would out of his head on smack and Tennants Super. Clearly, the SNP don't value the Veteran's vote, nor the vote of those Scots who are serving or the votes of their families.
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  3. Thomas Ball.....could do with a photo published so we know whos balls to boot!
  4. Typical, I leave and miss out in bayoneting 10 year old children. The man is a fool of the highest order.
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  5. Well, I think he'll soon find everyone running away from him at a huge rate of knots before the sh*t-storm hits...
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  6. devolution. the sooner the better.

    DOH!, ment independence, must stop posting when drinking........ =D
  7. Here is his piccie


  8. Strange but you get ars*holes in every political party. I believe that the guy has resigned. There is an anti military strain running through Scottish life, and at time they make right fools of themselves and don't understand In the meantime the important thing is sympathy for the 6 families who have had such a loss.
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  9. You've been away haven't you?
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  10. Why? They're his views, not those of the SNP. He isn't even in the SNP. The man says it himself. The Tory rag know this, yet they have blatantly used the issue to smear the SNP. Crock of underhanded shite, nothing more.
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  11. Here`s his twatter account Twitter and this is the moron himself....

  12. anti military strain running through Scottish life? are you for real? one prick talks out his ******** and you brand a nation that has been producing top quality soldiers for years, not to mention fiercly supporting the forces.
    if the rest of your posts are going to be of this quality you might just want to pack up and **** off and die now you utter cock.
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  13. Oh the dirty, stinking English rotters
  14. Having seen that and some of the fannies posting on facebook on pro SNP feed who also openly support the IRA not really the type of knobs I want to be assoicated with.