Snowman competition

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rogue_trader, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. Snow bored.

    I am going to go outside and make a snow-soldier. Well when I press post im pretty much comittied or will look like a cock. Anyone else who is bored to shit, do the same and post photos here!

    photos to follow.
  2. You are a cock.
  3. Fally....Stu P keeps building snow penises and posting pics of them, he's obviously bored!
  4. A fat, PFT failing, STAB cock
  5. Are you trying to set a record for reviving old threads and starting shit ones in the smallest amount of time possible?
  6. Or pissed? Didn't realise he was still back in the UK.
  7. Seems so...he posted on FB that he's on Season 8 of 24!
  8. here is my attempt!


    I see no one else here has any Christmas spirit.....well I for one had fun building it with my daughter and wife, thought it would get a laugh.

    I am curious why Regulars are so against the TA? Are we some kind of threat to you, are you jealous that we can do both your job and our own (I cant wait for the claws to come out on that one)

    You can stick your fat comments up your arrse really because I went out shaped up past my BFT and I can be fucked to go and spend time out in the snow with my family.....I don’t get why this site is so full of trolls!
  9. Nice webbing, stab.
  10. Thats what the nice in the shed were thinking until I just pulled it out.

    If thats what you call nice, I would hate to see your wife!
  12. Yeah yeah very nice, I seem to recall on a similar thread last year the snowman was having a lot more fun when you add a snowwoman to the equation.
  13. Are you the guilty party who keeps building snow dicks on the central reservation on the A217 in Surrey?
    The local council seem to take a dim view of this and are always playing with it and knocking it down!
  14. I'm 15 and I think this snow-building guy is a knob.
  15. No wonder you're fat and depressed.

    The regulars are not against 'The TA', the regulars are against fat cunt TA biffs who mong it from unit to unit until they find somebody who likes them, whilst failing every fitness test and missing MATTs weekends on 'urgent family commitments, who upon realising nobody wants them comes up with a bright idea to build some gucci webbing for everyone at a better price than they could otherwise find, and upon finding out that's a shit idea too, goes out and builds a snowman and tells the world about it on a chat room notorious for abuse, and then wonders why they get abuse.

    But that's not restricted to the Regulars. Everyone hates people like that.