Follow the teachings of St Joseph of Fritzl. Lock him in the cellar and bum him daily until he winds his neck in.
They'd really be lost with the ones with Roman numerals...
I had the pleasure and privilege of speaking to Andy Green a few years back.
He told me that he had met Armstrong and Yaeger, and the former had told him "always get more instruments... and make sure they are analog."
And the latter had said he campaigned strongly for analog - even to the point where glass-cockpit still shows most stuff as 'analog' feel.
Makes sense - a quick glance to see what's what, as opposed to having to stare at the dash/instrument panel and try to decipher digits....


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Exactly. We spent hundreds of thousands of years making decisions based on what things looked like before anyone thought up numerals. And some, no names no opposition Front Bench people, have still not caught up.


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