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Whoppers contain lettuce and tomato - two of your five a day, so this is an unexpected health bonus.
I really wouldn't know as I don't frequent any such premises, though I did once eat at Hard Rock Cafe in Old Park Lane some years ago - but that was to impress a certain young lady who I was hoping would join me in carnality (later).
They complain about the "allergy" scene, yet funnily enough, there's no wails of complaint at the scene where said rabbit is stood against a garden gate and has sharp gardening paraphernalia thrown at him, missing his head by scant millimetres. Obviously, bladed crime is ok, whereas having soft fruit thrown at you isn't!
Imagine what a sharpened mango would do.
It really was a vicious piece of kiwi fruit...

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I do not like being involved with politics in other countries, but is this on an official visit to India a little OTT. I am sure if they came to London we would not wish them to come dressed as Morris Dancers?

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