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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by flowers, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. Ladies and Gents

    Do any of you have any good recommendations for B & B's near Snowdon. I'm looking at going down on 5th October, so only need it for one night really...

    Any suggestions for me as to where to stay?

  2. Flowers, we used to use the wee town of Betsy Coed! There are some good ones there! Alsoif you ar eservig why do you not get into Capel Curiag
  3. plas y brennin in eerr betws-y-coed i believe. its marked as the national mountain centre on OS maps.
    my welsh spelling is shite so take it with a pinch of salt.

    its run by the British mountaineering council so there is some of the world best working there so if you have a pressing query you'll be spoilt for choice as who to ask.

    search on google and you'll find them.

    if your going to be doing any mountain climbing you should do a mountain called tryfan which is fairly close. snowdons tall but crowded as **** and an easy climb if you dont have a pacemaker.
    and dont be expecting great views this time of year. im off soloing and wild camping around the area probably around the same time, and past about 700m elevation if you can see the end of your nose your lucky. :p
  4. Is that supposed to impress? It doesnt. You have an accident and some poor cnut is gonna have to find you because you may not be in a position to tell them. Risking their lives in the process.

    Hate selfish ******* like you. Spent a week in the Cairngorms in Feb looking for cnuts like you.
  5. If your in mountain rescue, then you shouldn't be with that attitude!
  6. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Your post is certainly less impressive than the one you were trying to criticise. Suggest you think long and hard about the message you're sending because it sure as hell ain't positive!
  7. Message? what message? Im not MR.
  8. bossdog,
    firstly, its not meant to be impressive. im not looking for kudos from some guys ill never meet.
    secondly, iv been mountaineering for most of my life.
    99% of accidents happen in mountain environments because a) you wear a pair of sandals and t-shirt and freeze b) because you cant map read properly and end up walking of a cliff (even in poor visibility, as long as you can keep a decent track of yourself on the map your likely to be ok.)
    c) just be a ******** in general.

    im on my own, so i havent planned any unroped rock climbs to summits.

    as a mountain guide i once went on an exped. with said: '90% of all mountaineers do is walk, be it up hill, down hill or whatever. you dont take a friend to the shops with you incase you fall over the curb and get knocked out, so theres no need to be so paranoid doing almost exactly the same in a national park'.

    thirdly, i will be leaving a detailed route plan with family, and have a route that passes payphones, roads and hostels.

    i get mobile phone coverage in the area (patchy because of height differences etc), and know the type of land as i have been along a similar route in the area before.
    i can enough food for at least 3 days longer then my planned time which can be eaten without heat, as well as having an emergency plan incase i need to make my way to safety.
    i have been mountain climbing with of the best in the uk, who are employed by the BMC. i have been taught and have experience in navigation at night as well as in poor visibility, nav. without compass, as well as having considerable experience in rock climbing, and can attach and use safety ropes by myself for any hairy situations.

    now, of course theres a chance i could be in an accident, but equally i could get knocked down on the way to the station.
    i dont know why you would spend a week looking for somebody, but a decent level of planning could have cut that right down.

    people have been to both poles solo, and returned fine. how the **** do you expect they trained for that then? going solo in other places first.
    you can shut the **** up and get off your high horse, when you ASSUMED i was like the people you were looking for. you had no basis to judge my experience.

    and having spoken to many snowdonia MR volunteers, i can say they all said dont mind rescuing people, as thats whatthey volunteer for. and they all said they dont judge or lecture (too much :p) skilled climbers and such who have put good safety procedures and in place, and have been struck by a pure accident, as opposed to the nobbers who decide to try and climb a serious mountain route in trainers and crack their head open.

    and finally a quote i like to keep in my head when im approaching new challenges to face:

    'you can only know how far you can go, if you are prepared to go too far'

    people dont achieve excellence in almost any field (except maybe like knitting or something) without accepting that there is danger involved to some degree.

    so unless your offering any worthwhile advice, keep it shut.
  9. that's him told
  10. Cheers guys. I'm hosteling it a Capel Curig - should be a giggle!
  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Enjoy! I love it round there. Stunning scenery, good hill-walking etc. You really should try Tryfan though, well worth it as Chris said. Stay safe!
  12. tryfan was used as a training ground by the first team to summit everest way back when.

    sitting in the rather modest cairn at the summit there with a brew and a god awful boil in the bag vegatable currey is a must. your lucky to see another person on tryfan somedays, while snowdon is more like 'please form an orderly queue for the summit'.
    the worst thing about snowdon is the people who visit it.
    speaks volumes about the types of people that this bloody new labour gov has raised, by the fact that flocks spend hours climbing to the top to see some true unspoilt natural beauty, but quite happily chuck their ciggarette ends and plastic bags and general crap on the floor on the way down.

    haha i sound more like 80 then 18 :p