Snowbombing 2007

Sorry for the double post between here and the AT forum not overly sure which one is the best to put this in

Hi guys and girls,

Don't know if this has been brought up before or if any of you have seen it but there is an event going from 9th - 15th April 2007, it is a big party with lots of music and ski-ing and snowboarding and lots of other frollocks going on, it is aimed at everyone from those who think nothing of pulling a 1080 with a side grab, to those who have never even touched a board before and all those in between.

It is in Austria in Mayrhofen, I am looking to go, but if ARRSERs want to form a group to make a booking then it is cheaper, a rough guess at the cost is around the £450 mark, this doesn’t have to be paid all at once! And the cost will change depending on what kit you need, or how much coaching etc.

All the details can be found HERE. The cost does not include transport to the location, but if there is enough of us then we can get a group booking, go on the train or even get a coach (God help the coach driver!!) if anyone is interested post below or send me a PM,


I want to come but it is too expensive for me. I worked out the cheapest package I could get is £424 and that doesn't inc travel costs.

If I get a job that pays lots of money in the next few weeks I may come.

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