Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by GunzablazinUK, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. At my interview last week my ACIO officer told me that snowboarding has been introduced alongside ski-ing as a sport made available to pursuit through the army.To be honest i always hoped that it would be possible that i would be able to get some Boarding under my belt through the Army considering the only way i like to involve myself with skiers is to throw snowballs at them :p Plus,i cant really see myself in a bright pink and green all in one ski suit(sorry to you ski-ing folk but you all know of the banter between boarders and skiers) :wink:

    Are there any arrsers who Snowboard? And have you done any through the army?


  2. Snowboarding is for gaylords. Get into telemark.
  3. Tw@ts on mats, gays on trays.
  4. yes my regiment is sending a team over xmas for the Army Championships for 3 weeks at the all inclusive price of £700!

    im sure most regiments offer a similar package :)
  5. Yeah yeah,Bloody piste hoggers :p

    Ski-ing must be the campest sport of them all.Look at the downhill stance as the prime example
  6. £700 for 3weeks Boarding sounds right up my street Dizzy.Cheers for the info

    Its normally around that to go for a week at a decent resort
  7. Neo

    Neo Clanker


    well if you were at your ACIO interview I would presume you were just joining up then? If you think you are going to be swanning off doing a 3 week snowboard trip as soon as you get to your unit stand by to be stapled to the feckin wall or having your toungue nailed to a passing boat. Get some time in before trying to go on a jolly or it will backfire on you. If however you are not just joining up and was visiting the ACIO for a chat or a coffee or a brochure on the latest fashions in the Army then please excuse my humble self.

    gunzablazin very interesting name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oops:
  8. You're right,im just starting my application and have just got home from RSC about an hour ago which i passed :) If my question about snowboarding confused you and it came across like i think im gonna stroll into my Reg and expect to be flown around the globe on various fun filled escapades then i do apologise.I just wanted an idea of what the army could offer me in the future and how they go about offering it.

    Neo is an amusing name too....Can you dodge bullets?????????????
  9. Oh you'll fly off around the globe on fun-filled escapades alright....woohahahah :twisted: (er - supposed to sound like an evil laugh)

    Get some adventure training under your belt, kiddo, it's far better than REAL work.

  10. cancel my last

    its now £300 and if you do well you go back next year for free :)
  11. Well i passed RSC last Thursday and am looking forward to starting basic at the end of September(find out dates tomorrow morning)

    I know as part of basic you get a week of adventure training so that should be fun :)
  12. Well it just gets better and better Dizzy :D
  13. Nice pic Midnight-Fox

    Thats some big ass kickers in the background
  14. you should see the kickers in the black section at les arcs....f*cking scariest things i've ever seen!


    P.S- 2RTR seem to have a thing for boarding.