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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by boardman, Jul 27, 2003.

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  1. Yes definatly but my feet and legs hurt like a gunshot wound

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  2. Yes and I like riding the pistes with the skiers!

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  3. Yes but I feel like a skier so no cred and its no fun anyway

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  4. No cos I always ride off piste and like the fact that I can walk down stairs

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  5. who cares they are the worst thing since Uday & Qusay siad " I think there is somebody at t

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  1. Dudes we need to let everyone know about this forum and get people on the web site
    All the dates and info for the coming season will up on the website soon.
  2. Might be a good idea for someone to spell check it first....[​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. I think that everybody should be given the opportunity to excel in their chosen sport however I do not agree with the amount of money that is spent on so many individual, rather average skiers and snowboarders. In comparison to most other sports neither are very physical or require great team skills; the exception to this is however, nordic skiing, due to the high levels of fitness and shooting that are required.

    ...and some gays on trays can be f***ing annoying when you are trying to ski.
  4. Look if you have nothing better to do than stay in the past then go to the sking pages where I'm sure someone will care.
    P.S Snowboarders do not get in the way of the skiers because we are in the powder having fun and not on the nice safe flat pistes following Germans with yellow flecky all-in-ones.
    All the best skiers in the Army are now along side us not against us. Take a minute.
    PPS Our money gets to the grass roots of the sports not the people who earn to much anyway.
    PPPS Point taken about the spelling, I must try harder. Cheers 8)
  5. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Just trying to set up the Sigs Winter Sports Site at the moment which will hopefully cover Ski/Board and freeride for all aspects will leave a link when finished.
  6. Whilst girly skiing/boarding are not very demanding I think it is a bit Arrse to say that Downhill Racing, SuperG etc aren't. If you aren't going to spend 75% of the day supping Chocolat Chaud in the restaurant, then you will need to be fit.

    Oh and Boarding is indeed radical, but being able to do both, fairly well, whether it's powder or piste, skiing is the more demanding discipline. Having said that, when the sun is out and the powder is deep I go Board every time.
  7.'s still a piss-up at the end of the day.... :wink:
  8. Clanker...when I have finished the video I will send you a copy of last years Army champs and combined services and maybe it will change your mind on how competitive snowboarding is now.
    ANYONE is welcome to come along to this years champs and enjoy the vibes. Sking is a good sport but boarding is easier, more fun and now competitive!!!............and yes a bloody good piss up as well.
  9. Bunch of gays on trays
  10. Babiesarm is that you placing an order?
  11. Yup, I want them lubed up and ready to go.....
  12. Or it could just be my opinion of people who ponce about on snowboards spending the majority of thier time sitting on thier backsides generally looking like a bunch of tw*ts. :D
  13. babiesarm we used to get beer brought by our insructors for the number we use to hit,nock over, general course to crash or fight with. yes gays on trays, there for our entertainment. :D :D :D
  14. Sorry for the delay in reply but I was checking my should try it. It's good to see you showing your true colours, we don't try to did you put it "general course to crash or fight with"...anybody to be honest. I thought snobbery was disappearing from skiing, thank god we never had it.
    Keep talking dude you are doing our sport wonders........cheers!
    P.S. Next time you are on the snow (maybe on your feet not looking for your poles) check out the snowboard style kit you are wearing, if it was not bought 8 years ago that is.
    P.P.S. I get the feeling you have never competed at anything...yea...huh..well 8) 8) 8)