Snowboarders and Skiers (even Wannabes) - Snowbombing 2007

Hi guys and girls,

Don't know if this has been brought up before or if any of you have seen it but there is an event going from 9th - 15th April 2007, it is a big party with lots of music and ski-ing and snowboarding and lots of other frollocks going on, it is aimed at everyone from those who think nothing of pulling a 1080 with a side grab, to those who have never even touched a board before and all those in between.

It is in Austria in Mayrhofen, I am looking to go, but if ARRSERs want to form a group to make a booking then it is cheaper, a rough guess at the cost is around the £450 mark, this doesn’t have to be paid all at once! And the cost will change depending on what kit you need, or how much coaching etc.

All the details can be found HERE. The cost does not include transport to the location, but if there is enough of us then we can get a group booking, go on the train or even get a coach (God help the coach driver!!) if anyone is interested post below or send me a PM,


Put me down as a provisonal.

You haven't lived until you've seen me trying to ski. I've been trained by the booties so that'll tell you how shite I am....
I could be up for this, best get my 1980's all in one ski suit out of the loft.
Hi i am new first post :p
but i have been to mayerhofen before and it is great with fabulous skiing and many runs as i did not complete even half of them in the 10days i went there and i have skied aprroxiamtely 40 hours experience before it so i was no novice.
Have fun
Why dont you come? Finish the rest of the runs?
lineman, put me down as a strong provisional. not too sure about the money to be honest, doing austria in nov and spartan hike in jan, so may be skint by then, but if both of those go down the pan then I'm well up for it
Already booked to go with friends to go to Nassfield a very pretty small resort on the austrian-italian border maybe next time.
thanks though
Already booked to go with friends to go to Nassfield a very pretty small resort on the austrian-italian border maybe next time.
thanks though

Around £500ish will get you...

A weeks top skiing/snowboarding/falling over on your arrse due to mongness/too much alcohol.

Transport from UK to Austria.
Kit Hire.
Ski Pass.

And a top music festival to boot as well!

8th to 16th April 2007

People Going so far...


Add your name but deposits will be required in the next few weeks.
I'm sure we can sort out some polo shirts or something :)

We inted to go on the train as it takes you thought some of the most breath taking sceenery in Europe and it is an extra day on the last, and going accross the conitnent while getting Shirlied is laught!

linemanloz said:
bah, see if I invite you lot on anything again :)
I think if you said it was going to be at Zel-Am-Zee or Obertaeurn? you would get a better response?

Am an avid boarder myself when I get the chance, snow has been a bit thin on the ground this season!

Yeah I know the Italy resorts were really late taking off this year! But the idea of bombing was that if the snow wasn't there the booze and music still would be, speak to a guy who went last year he said that there was only about 1 or 2 days of atttual slope time there with the lack of the white stuff but still a good laugh none the less!


Ah I'm devastated that I've only just found out about this!! I'm only a novice skiier having done my BSP last year, but I'm desperate to get back on the slopes and Snowbombing sounds awesome! I'll be there next year!!! :headbang:
Right guys and girls as there was a lack of intrest for this year, lets look forward to next: 31 Mar - 06 Apr 08 Lets do it people, any names?
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