Snowballing NOT a serious crime???!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muhandis89, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. FFS. Are they down on serious crime recording or something?
  2. words fail me. where the frigging hell do police recruit from? straight from special schools?
    (obviously words dont fail me, otherwise i wouldnt have wrote this)
  3. Apparently they did take some snowballs as evidence and put them in the custody locker. When they came to get them someone had nicked them and left a load of water. Police suspect Aquaphibians.
  4. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Christ next time theyll be getting the speed guns out on the toboggan hills, beggers belief really

  5. Any old pile of cack is infact a serious crime these days. Remember this outrage from a while back.

    That force will employ staff who record the crime. Thier computer and the national crime recording standard will tell them it's serious. Comments from the officer, like " It was only a snowball" or "Nobody was actually injured" don't wash when it comes to NCRS. Infact it may have alreay been recorded as serious before the attendance of a police officer, once that has happened it's difficult the change it to the load of shite it is.

    For a more indepth explanation of the madness that is NCRS, I direct you to the the archives of Inspector gadget, Nightjack , Coppersblog and PC Bloggs
  6. Love it! From the article:

    "The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police has criticised some of his officers for recording snowball throwing as "serious violent crime".

    Peter Fahy said the officers concerned had failed to show any common sense."

    You just couldn't make it up!
  7. Suspect they would have had a field day in my village last week. Quad bike towing a skier up the road at about 30mph followed by a car at the same speed towing 3 sledges with kids in line. Mind you if they had H&S and the PC attitudes here as they do in UK then this country would grind to a halt.
  8. Serious crime reported.Serious crime solved.Result!
  9. Bit of a dilema init. Plod-HQ / Brownites wants to see crime stat's down but the plod on the ground reports shite like this to maintain his/her targets. Probationers are the worst culprits I believe.
  10. No they don't. Youre "guided" by people above you and its got nothing to do with "plod on the ground" targets.

    E.G. If I take a crime report of minor fisticuffs and the "victim" has a red mark on face that will vanish in a day or so it has to be upped from Common Assault to Assault Actually Bodily Harm. Which one sounds worse?

    When the powers to be realise violent crime stats are getting out of hand the red mark on face will just go down as Common Assault.

    There are other examples but cant be arsed

  11. There you go. No need to search the archives and done far better than I could.

  12. The thing is that snowballs - or rather the individuals throwing them - are not delivered in quite the same way in, say... Sale Moor or Benchill, as they are in leafy Bucks for instance. There is a world of difference between laughing, rosy-cheeked cherubs pelting each other with snowballs on the village green and the rat-faced untermench pelting houses, passers by and cars with frozen slush containing half a housebrick, dogshit... or both. Most don't complain for fear of reprisal. As for the seriousness of 'snowballing'? I suppose it depends on how miserable your life is being made by the little darlings.